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Posted by thuicc on February 25, 2004

Tracy, Sheryl, Sonia, Alice, Jessie and Tina,

Please read Dr. Yao’s instructions in the e-mail message you received from her. If you don’t have an AOL Instant Messenger program, you can download one from Make sure you do this and register as soon as possible. You need to e-mail Dr. Yao with your screenname soon (today or tomorrow at the latest) so that her students can contact you.

Alice, we haven’t heard from you about your schedule, so I assume you’ll be participating in the Saturday morning exchange–right? As Sonia mentions, she and Alice are the only people who are going to be meeting Saturday morning. Could someone else join them? Let us know…

I’ll be leaving today for Hong Kong and coming back on Sunday. I hope to hear that one group (the Saturday group) has had a great discussion and that the Monday group is ready to have theirs.

Have a good time!


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