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Posted by thuicc on March 11, 2004

1. In page 62,the author mentions hedging strategies and the author says that one of the characteristics of hedging strategies is to make many reference to the virutes and skills of the superior before giving criticism, are essential to fulfilling the job and, concurrently, to protecting the face of those who are criticized. But I am curious why this can protect the face of those who are criticized? Is the reason because peopel haveo some surperior reference and they have information to base on their criticism, they criticism is reliable? Besides, I am confused how to distinguish “criticize” and “gossip”, can you defind the two words to me?
2. In page 63, the author says that in business negotiations, any proposal-counterproposal style of negotiating is avoided. I don’t know the reason. Becasue I think peopel should discuss thier business directly and think of a best one, they have to offter their own proposal directly.

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