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Posted by thuicc on April 27, 2004

Intercultural visual design

I found an interesting article entitled “Designing Across Cultures” by Anne Conneen on the website Poynteronline (a website run by the Poynter Institute, which is a journalism school). Conneen points out that images are especially meaningful–and immediate–in communication. She also reminds us that images might mean different things to people from different cultures–and that they might carry connotations that we didn’t expect. (One example I was confronted by when coming to Taiwan was that of the Buddhist swastika, which looks similar to the one used by Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s. The Nazi swastika is, of course, a symbol of hatred, especially toward Jewish people. The Buddhist swastika I’m sure does not have the same meaning… In Taiwan, we have many vegetarian restaurants that hang Buddhist swastikas outside or on their signs. You can imagine what would happen if the same kind of symbol were used in a Western country.)

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Posted by thuicc on April 13, 2004

More links to sources for subgroup/subculture projects

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