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Posted by thuicc on September 24, 2004

Today’s Intercultural Experience

If you have any other thoughts about today’s experience (with the Tungs and the Hais), add a comment to this message or e-mail me. I have some thoughts related to some of the observations and comments I heard today.

  • One interesting thing had to do with how accurate your observations were, generally speaking. It seemed that you were able to work out quite well what the other culture’s rules were.
  • When you created a rule that didn’t really exist (such as the rule about people without tied hair having higher status), I think it resembles what often happens when we make observations about other cultures and “over-interpret” what we see.
  • I was also interested in some of the evaluative language that was used (for example, Tungs “overprotect” their hair; Hais “show off” their money). This is also a very natural phenomenon. It’s very easy to judge another culture’s behavior from one’s own perspective.
  • Ant had an interesting observation about the Tungs’ behavior–that the bowing reminded her of Japanese culture. This led me to think about how we often have to relate a new experience to something we already know in order to attempt to understand it.

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  1. Michelle said

    This activity impressed me a lot. It’s really like a“psychological game.” ^^ It’s quite interesting to observe other people’s body languages. I think Tung’s people are really good actors, and I could clearly see what they acted in front of me and then guessed what they wanted to express about their culture. Although sometimes we guessed wrongly, it’s still a nice start for us to learn and connect some experiences that we have already known. Such as the bowing, I also had the similar feeling as Ant’s. The bowing made me think of the “over-polite” Japanese’s culture.

    All in all, I really like this kind of activities, even though I am not a good actor.

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