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Posted by thuicc on October 14, 2004

It is really interesting to read the article, Communication Patterns and Assumptions, and I get new information that I did not know before about communication. Though the author only divides into five groups to discuss, we can see a lot of differnent conventions when they are communicating, and if we do not notice some of them, we will be thought as rude or unrespectful. In the part of Asian American, I agree what it metions mostly, such as gestures and touch. However, in my opinion, something has changed because the time and the external cutulre. For example, the article says we are hierarchical societies, and we are not allowed to have direct eye contact with people who superior than us; in fact, we do not have this scruple at all since we do not have hierarchy now. I think the article refers to general ideas about communications of the five groups, but it does not mean everyone from the groups must have those kind of traits.
I have a big question about “identity orientation”because I cannot realize the meaning of it; moreover, I do not understand the context of the part in every groups.


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  1. Lydia said

    Besides knowing different cultures prevents us from offending the “don’t” in other countries, it is interesting to observe the embarrasements when people from different cultures communicate with each other. For example, the interaction between people, who have different considerations to space, might cause some problems or funny stories.
    Knowing these basic concerns in different cultures might be more important then one has expected. As long as we understand these differences, we are able to integrate into an alien country more easily if we really want to be viewed as a member of their group. Once we know others’ cultures, we are able to make friends with them more easily, too.

  2. We can talk a little about the “identity orientation” in class. Remind me to bring it up.

  3. Another question one might ask is about what differences there might be between Asians and Asian-Americans…

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