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This is Chris’ reporting………….

Posted by thuicc on October 23, 2004

hi, every one, I would like to ask Mr.”Early Riser”, Benda, could check and post the link about the information of “KJ method” of the report next Thursday because I could not find it now. Moreover, I will provide a website about how a foreigner could live in Taiwan and find jobs smoothly, designed in English. I think that it describes some aspects of Chinese culture to let foreigners could have a easy life and get used to it. There are something about IC in that website, Here, I believe. By the way, keep your eye on NBA.COM to see the news about Yao Ming. He is a living IC example!


2 Responses to “This is Chris’ reporting………….”

  1. Here’s the site I was talking about, Chris. Note that it’s an Acrobat PDF file…

  2. Thanks for the link to the website for foreign English teachers. Were there any particular parts of the site that you would like to point out to us?

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