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Questions for the third chat on face and facework

Posted by thuicc on November 3, 2004

Here are the questions for the third online chat (this Saturday):

First half of the discussion will be focused on intercultural communication in Taiwan (30 minutes):

  1. Please explain to your American counterparts in your own words the concept of face. Why is it important in interpersonal relationships in Taiwan? Do you think younger people’s attitude toward face is different than that of older generations?
  2. Can you provide examples of instances when you have lost or gained face?
  3. Can you tell us how you handle conflicts when your face, face of others or mutual face are involved?

Second half of the discussion will be focused on American culture (30 minutes):

  1. Is face an important part of interpersonal communication in the U.S.? Why/why not? If so, how might the perception of face be different from what your Taiwanese colleagues described? Can you give examples of when face might be a consideration in communication?
  2. Can you provide examples of American cultural practices when there is no concern for face (for example, public elimination of contestants in a contest)?

This question should be answered by both the American and the Taiwanese students:

In a hypothetical situation, you are a good student in a communication class. But at the end of the semester, your teacher has given you a lower grade than you feel you deserve, and he/she refuses to change your grade after you talk to him/her. How do you handle this situation?


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