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Cultural differences in the American and Chinese versions of “The Apprentice”

Posted by thuicc on August 29, 2005

There’s a TV show in the U.S. called “The Apprentice“. This is a “reality” show where people compete to get a job. They work for a business executive and he observes their performance and decides who to keep in the end. The host of the show is the famous businessman Donald Trump. Trump is famous in this show for his line, “You’re fired!”, said with gusto when he fires one of the contestants. The Chinese version, according to this source, will be different.

“Chinese people give others face. To tell somebody he’s fired in such a tone, especially when this person has literally not been hired, is not the Chinese way. “I probably will say something like, ‘You will have a better opportunity somewhere else’, in a way he will get it and find the manner acceptable,” added the man nicknamed Naughty Boy for his company’s innovative designs.


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