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Posted by thuicc on September 15, 2005

Take a minute to introduce yourself to us. Give us your name and write a little about your interest in intercultural communication. Do your plans for the future involve intercultural experiences? (For instance, do you plan to go abroad for graduate school, study western literature or language in grad school here, go into international business?)

Please do not leave your e-mail address in your comments. This is a public website and you don’t want to have a lot of people “spamming” you…

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35 Responses to “Self-introductions”

  1. I’ve got the first comment! I have been living in Taiwan since 1992 (with a 3-year “break” in the U.S. between 1999-2002). I’ve learned a lot about Taiwan’s culture(s) in my time here, but I still have a lot to learn… I intend to stay in Taiwan, depending on the country’s future, at least until I retire. So every day for me is an intercultural experience!

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  3. Anonymous said

    I am Alice. I have lived in Taiwan for over 20 years. I love traveling with my family to broad my horizons.I have been to U.S, Singapore, France, England, Thaliand, Japan, and Malasia. In these countries, I love English culture the most. Also, I plan to study in graduate school in U.K next year. Now I am prepareing for IELTS test to apply for school. I can’t wait to study in U.K and know more about English culture and people.

  4. Anonymous said

    Hello all! I’m Jennifer. I was born in Taiwan and have lived here for about twenty years. To be honest, I don’t have intercultural experience; therefore, the reason for me to choose the class is to understand more about the differences from different cultures around me, even around the world. In the future, I may plan to go abroad to colorful my experience and my life.

  5. Amanda Ou said

    My name is Amanda. I am a senior student. One reason for me to take this course is that my classmate tells me it is a very interesting class. I think this course can help me to communicate with foreigner better. I want to go abroad for further study. I expect I can work in a international bussiness company as well. I hope I can earn a fortune by it.

  6. Anonymous said

    I have been living in Taiwan for almost twenty-one years since 1984. The main reason to take this course is my good friend recommend it to me strongly.On the other hand, I plan to go abroad for graduate school in the few years. And I want to explore my experiences of intercultural communication through this chance of studying on the other country.I hope I can learn some basic concepts from this course.

  7. Joce said

    Hello~ I am Jocelyn Chang. I am a senior student. I am planning to be an exchange student for a year, but I haven’t pass the TOEFL test. I travelled several times, yet I believe that I will learn more and deeper if I live there for a longer period. 😛

  8. Anonymous said

    My name is Stephanie, this is my third year in Tunghai majoring in the English department. I used to study in Singapore for 11 years, so basically studying in Tunghai is already an intercutural experience for me. (Though most Singaporeans are Chinese.) The main reason why I choose this course is that I am really interested in exchanging different ideas or talks with people from different races or nationalities. Also I’m planning to go oversea someday for work or graduate school, some Western country if possible, thus i hope to learn a little more about intercultural communication before i leave Taiwan. Hope I will have a good time here~

  9. Anonymous said

    My name is Josie Kuo, and I am a junior in Tung Hai university. I have got some experiences to communicate with people from many countries, so I got to know that every country even a little place has its own unique culture. I am really interested in knowing the differences between different countries, and taking Interculture communication is a way to understand culture from all over the world and the diefferences between them. That’s the major reason why I would like to take this course. Also, I have heard that taking this class, we will have chance to chat with people from the U.S. I am really excited to have this kind of experience.

  10. Anonymous said

    I have been living in Taiwan for at least twenty years. Now I am a senior in Tunghai University, and majors in English. In my life, I have been to America and Canada, and experienced some different intercultural experiences. I intend to go abroad for advanced studying because I wish I could broaden my horizon by living and learning in different countries. Experiencing intercultural in person will be a “daily-surprise” to me!

  11. Anonymous said

    My name is Grace. I’m living in Taiwan and studying at Thunghai University. I like to know new things because I think it is interesting and also challenging. I want to go abroad for graduate school, but acctually I do not have so much money. I’d like to be a tourist guide so I think it is possible I will have many intercultural experiences in the future.

  12. Anonymous said

    When I try to speak Chinese, I am like an elephant trying to do the cha-cha. I’m not graceful and I am definitely not nice to watch. Cross-cultural communication can be pretty hard.

    As an american exchange student trying to learn chinese in Taiwan, i face the challenges and limitless fun of trying to communicate every day. everything from ordering food to trying to talk to my roomates can become a large, embarassing chore.

    I am very interested in communicating across cultures without faux pas. In the future I plan to work in some inter-cultural medium and I think understanding another culture is essential to successfully relating to it.

    jen nafziger

  13. Anonymous said

    My name is Rita Lo. I am a junior at FLLD in Tunghai University.This summer vacation, I worked at an English cram school, and some of my co workers are from different countries, such as America, South Afica, Australia and so on. It’s very interesting to talk about the cultural difference between Taiwan and their hometowns. But I don’t want to just talk about that. Moreover, I chose to take this class because I plan to do more research and find out more things about the intercultural communication. Maybe I will study abroad after graduation, so it’s important to learn the intercultural communication.

  14. Anonymous said

    My name if Erica. I’m interested in intercultural communication. Since I’m an English major, I hope that I could have chances to communicate with foreigners, instead of only reading the English texts. In the future, I also hope that I could have a chance to go abroad. I think learning about this course if helpful. To me, it’s interesting to learn the different ways of communucating of different cultures.

  15. Anonymous said

    Hi all, my name is Ryo. I have been using online messangers for a couple of years and encounted quite a lot friends living abroad, and I think using messangers is a great opportunity to experience intercultural communication. In the future, I am planning to go to a grad school in Taiwan.

  16. Tracy said

    Hello~my name is Tracy, I am a junior in Tunghai university in FLLD. I like to listen both rock and classical music; what’s more I like to read books from almost all ranges; for instance, historical novels, detective novels, literary novels and fantasy novels…etc.

  17. Ceilia said

    Hi, my name is Ceilia. I am studying in FLLD, Tunghai University. I’m pretty interested in different cultures and languages; therefore, I hope to travel after graduating.

  18. Hi, my name is Marjorie. I am 19 years old, from St. Louis, Missouri, in the middle of the United States. I speak Spanish fluently, and I work as a reporter for the newspaper in Jacksonville, IL (where the college is). I love to travel, around the U.S. and abroad. I’ve been to Spain, and will be in Thailand in December and January. I hope to learn more about different cultures and traditions so that I will be able to travel more!

  19. Hello everyone! My name is Laura, and I am in my third year at Illinois College. I have two majors: International Studies and Communication Studies, and I hope to go to grad school to get a masters in African Studies. After school, I have high hopes of working for either Amnesty International or UNICEF. I am hoping to do a lot of traveling (especially to developing countries in Africa for my job). So, intercultural communication is a necessity for the rest of my life.

  20. Hello everyone! My name is Laura, and I am in my third year at Illinois College. I have two majors: International Studies and Communication Studies. I am planning on going to grad school and getting a masters in African Studies. I hope to one day work for Amnesty International or UNICEF. So, a class on intercultural communication is a necessity in the rest of my life. I also hope to be doing a lot of traveling (especially to developing countries in Africa with my future job).

  21. Amy said

    Hi my name is Amy and I am a second year student at Illinois College. I currently commute to Jacksonville, Il (Where the College is) everyday from Petersburg,Il. I am interested in the field of communications and especially enjoy intercultural communications because I find it very necessary and interesting and would like to travel abroad some day.

  22. Leigh :o) said

    Hi everybody. My name is Leigh Wilkins and I am a senior at Illinois College. I am graduating in December where I will be going home to Chicago and starting to work to earn money for graduate school. I will be going to the Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago where I’ll be gettin my masters in Special Education. I think intercultural communication is a very important skilly to have, especially living in the city of Chicago and getting the chance to work with a diverse group of people, both in and outside of the classroom.

  23. Anonymous said

    Hi, my name is Anne and I am a senior at Illinois College. After I graduate in the spring of 2006, I plan to do some traveling before I go to graduate school in the fall. Eventually I want to work with intorducing youth to theater.

  24. Ed said

    Hi, my name is Ed and I am a junior at Illinois College, majoring in Economics and International Studies. Unfortunately, my travels have not taken me to Asia yet; however, last Spring I did host a Taiwanese student. I learned so much from him and plan on learning even more from you.
    My future plans include studying abroad this spring in South Africa, joining the Peace Corps after graduation, and starting a career in either international relations or international business.
    Talk to you soon.

  25. Donnie said

    Hello, my name is Donnie. I am a 21 year old senior at the beloved Illinois College. I am from the great city of Chicago, IL, right on the lakefront. Before transfering to Illinois College I attended Cornell College of Mt. Vernon, Iowa. My major is Communication and Rhetorical Studies with a minor in Political Science.

    Now that it is my senior years, my near future plans include taking the GRE Exam, and of course graduate school (somewhere) in the area of Rhetoric and American Public Address with a concentration in African American Discourse. So intercultural communication fits well with my interests.

    I look forward to learning with you all,


  26. John said

    Hello. My name is John. I am a graduate student in Educational Technology at San Diego State University in California. My main interest in educational technology is distance (online) education. Within online education I am interested in learning how people from different cultures relate differently to the online educational experience. Intercultural communications naturally has much to offer towards my quest for knowledge in this area.

    I am not actually a student in the course. Rather, I found it while browsing the web. Nevertheless, I hope I can communicate with you at least at some level and perhaps increase all of our knowledge about intercultural communications.

  27. nikki said

    hello all. my name is nikki and i am a senior at illinois college. I too am from the great city of chicago and transferred from cornell college in Iowa.

    I am taking intercultural communications because i am very interested in other cultures and i plan on join Peace Corp after graduation. After peace corp i will attend law school, so being able to communicate with many different cultures will be a vital aspect to my success in my near future.

  28. Anonymous said

    Hello, everyone, I am Michelle Yang. I am a senior at Tunghai University in Taiwan. Last fall, I took Mr.Benda’s seminar,Intercultural Communication. We had the on-line chats with some students from Illinois College also. That was a great experience to me. From the on-line chats,I learned the cultural differences, such as the face issue. It was very interesting to talk to foreigners.
    After finishing the course, I strongly recommend my other classmates take it.

    I hope people who are taking this course now, could enjoy it. Hopefully, people from Illinois College could also enjoy the on-line chats. 🙂

  29. Thanks for writing, Michelle! I think we’re all looking forward to some interesting and enjoyable chats this semester.

    We’re also going to try to use the class blog a little more this time. Stay tuned! (And of course, you can join in on the blog if you have any thoughts you want to share…)

    Hello also to John from San Diego! The use of the blog for this class is a bit of an experiment. Right now we seem to be using it just to get to know each other. If you have any ideas or suggestions from the distance ed perspective, please let us know.

    And also a big “hello” to Marjorie, Laura, Amy, Leigh, Anne, Ed, Donnie, and Nikki!

  30. erin said

    hello everyone! My name is erin. I am a junior at illinois college and a sociology major. Next year I am going to study aborad in Italy. My intercultural communication skills will be helpful then. After graduation I plan to get my masters in social service administration. However, I want to work in a international social serive.

  31. Anonymous said

    Hello to all of you as well! I am incredibly excited about this class and getting to know all of you better. One of my close friends took this class last year and participated in the online discussions. She told me how much she learned and how much this class helped give her the confidence to travel the world. I hope that I will gain the same confidence. I am planning a trip to Africa, but I would definitely enjoy exploring Asia as well. I look forward to learning more about the Asian and specifically Taiwanese culture!
    – Laura Lawson

  32. Amanda said

    Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I am a junior at Illinois College. I am majoring in Communications Studies and minoring in English (expository writing). I am from Quincy, IL. After graduation I would like to work in the advertising field.

  33. Emily said

    Hi everyone!

    my name is Emily and I am a junior at Illinois College. I am a communications major, with minor in Gender in Women’s studies. After I graduate, I hope to move to Chicago to become a wedding planner. Hopefully my intercultural communication skills will help me to understand different cultures to work with the diverse ethnicities that my clientel would be in Chicago.

  34. christy said

    Hello all! My name is Christy and I am a senior at Illinois College. I am a business administration major. I have lived in Jacksonville my whole life and an ready to get out of here.

  35. Anonymous said

    Hi, my name is Brittany. I am a Senior here at Illinois College. I think that this class will teach both of us, the skills and lessons of intercultural communications. Communication is a necessity of life. If you can not communicate effectively, where would we be? I am looking forward to communicating with all of you students considering we both come from different cultures. This will be a great experience.

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