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Schedule for final presentations, Dec. 29 and Jan. 5

Posted by thuicc on December 15, 2005

Sign up (in the comments section) for when you (and your partner, if applicable) want to do your final presentation. In the comments section, be sure to write your name and the time you want to present (first come, first served). Be sure to write down the times I have listed below.

Thursday, Dec. 29

4:20 Tracy
4:30 Ceilia
4:40 Evonne

5:20 Jen
5:30 Jennifer
5:40 Wendy and Ryo

Thursday, Jan. 5

4:20 Alice
4:30 Josie and Stephanie
4:40 Jocelyn

5:20 Amanda
5:30 Grace
5:40 Rita and Erica

12 Responses to “Schedule for final presentations, Dec. 29 and Jan. 5”

  1. Anonymous said

    Josie and Stephanie would like to present our final project on Jan. 5 at 4:30. Thank you!

  2. Amanda said

    Amanda signed up Jan.5 at 5:20.

  3. Anonymous said

    Jocelyn will do the presentation on Jan.5 at 4:40.

  4. Alice said

    Terrific! I can sign up now.
    Alice prefer to give my report at 4:20 Thursday, Jan, 5.

  5. Grace said

    Grace wants to have a presentation on Jan. 5, 5:30.

  6. Anonymous said

    Evonne would like to present on Dec. 29 at 4:40

  7. Erica said

    Rita and Erica would like to present on Jan. 5, 5:40

  8. Anonymous said

    i’ll take 5:20 on the 29th.


  9. Anonymous said

    Ceilia will do the presentation at 4:30, Dec. 29.

  10. Tracy said

    Tracy: I will do the presentation on Dec. 29 4:30

  11. Well, you can’t both do 4:30 on the 29th, so Ceilia will get that time. I’ll put Tracy down for 4:20, if that’s OK.

  12. Anonymous said

    Jennifer 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 29–>

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