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An online discussion about what to call professors you don’t know

Posted by thuicc on March 2, 2006

Earlier in the semester the ICC class read an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education about what professors at different schools in the U.S. like to be called. Now there’s a similar kind of discussion here at the Crooked Timber blog. Professor (Dr.) Eszter Hargittai starts with this question:

On occasion, I get emails in which people address me as Mrs. Hargittai. I’m not suggesting that people need know my personal history or preferences. However, if you are going to contact someone in a professional context and they have a Ph.D. and they teach at a university (both of which are very clear on their homepage where you probably got their email address in the first place), wouldn’t you opt for Dr. or Professor?

There are quite a lot of interesting responses in the comments section, so don’t ignore them.

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