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Tunghai ICC students’ introductions

Posted by thuicc on September 21, 2006

To the Tunghai ICC students: Below in the comments section, you should write a brief introduction of yourself and your interest(s) in intercultural communication. Be specific about your areas of interest (for example, international advertising) and your reasons for those interests (for example, you will be involved in international business, you plan to go abroad to study, you plan to become an English teacher, etc.). This introduction should help us in grouping students together from Tunghai and Penn State for later discussions and/or projects.

Remember, don’t write your e-mail address or IM information, etc., in your post–unless you want millions of people to start e-mailing and spamming you. (OK, maybe just thousands… 😉 )

To the Penn State students: Well, enjoy reading the introductions. Soon I’ll post a call for you to introduce yourself to the THU students.

14 Responses to “Tunghai ICC students’ introductions”

  1. Ray Chen said

    Bonjour! Ha~~ Let me begin a new greeting, no more “Hello”.My name is Ray, I’m so happy to be in this seminar class. The name of this class is intercultural communication which means we can learn something from culture to culture.For me, I’m interested in international advertising and international business, different cultures could have different thinking and acting in advertising and business. I’d like to know how do people operate and show in their business and advertising. After I garduate from Tunghai I probably go abroad to study business, this is the first step to know how are the things going.

  2. Weiting said

    This is Weiting, I’m a senior in FLLD. It is really exciting to join this seminar- international communication:) Since I’m interested in different languages, I’d like to find out more different cultures. Sometimes though two people from different cultures are speaking the same language, they may have different interpretaion. I would like to know more how these cultural communication going on among and how they are seen and dealt. Taking this course may wipe away some stereotype we have toward certain people, community or society. Of course,it will be like an advanture cuz SURPRISE is everywhere….haha:P

  3. Tottie said

    Hello!! I think to learn other country’s culture is interesting. I am interested in people’s ways of living in different cultures. I think to learn other country’s culture is very important. If I have a chance to go abroad, I could know how to get along with other country’s people. I have a book which is writing by a Japanese girl that talks about what she had observed the differences between Taiwanese and Japanese culture. Although Taiwanese and Japanese are both Asians, there are still a lot of differences in their culture. If people can know more about other country’s cultures, there will be less misunderstanding between different country’s people.

  4. Winnie said

    Hi~My name is Winnie. I’m curious about the way people talk or act in different country. What would cause misunderstanding? Once my french friend told me that I’m too shy and acting like I want to attract boys’ attention. I don’t know whether all the french people think like that or only he thinks like that. He’s only 16 years old, I was thinking that probably the misunderstanding is caused because he’s younger than me. Anyway, it’s interesting to know what foreigner think about me.

  5. Rachel said

    Hi, this is Rachel. I have learned German and Japanese for one year and I take French class this semester. It is fun to learn a new language and have a chance to communicate with people from different societies and cultural backgrounds. I have been interested in watching Travel& Living Channel and get to know those fascinating festivals in various countries. In this Intercultural Communication class, I’d like to learn more about the significance of the festivals and rituals and how they affect the lifestyle on people; moreover, I’d also like to know what are the taboo topics in other society, how they approach conversations, how they value their own cultures and how they see issues in a different perspective.

  6. Shirley said

    Hey! This is Shirley. I’m so lucky that I have the chance to take this seminar class. Few months ago, by watching a news broadcast about a TV commercial of beverage, I suddenly realized one thing: even though people in Taiwan and China have the same ancestors, we still have different point of views toward the same thing due to different social customs and values etc. People of the same race might have such different concepts, let alone foreigners. I think it’s interesting to explore other unfamiliar cultures. By takeing this seminar, I hope it can broaden my horizon toward this colorful world.

  7. Teresa said

    Hello!! This is Teresa. I’m interested in the differences of nonverbal communicaiton and culture among countries. I took a trip to Thailand and I found some different customs between Thai and us whihc is quite interesting, for example instead of using tissue peper to clean bottoms, Thai would wash them. Also people need to take their shoes off before visiting Thai temples which is different from Taiwan. Moreover, people can not touch Thai children’ heads since it’s impolite. Although both Taiwan and Thailand are Asian countries,there are lots of differences among their cultures, not to mention non-Asian cultures. I’d like to find more and also the reasons of thier differences for understanding our and other cultures’ more.

  8. Aron said

    Hello~! I am Aron. This summer, I had been to America for almost two months. I found that it was obviously different between the expressions in Taiwaness and Americans. For example, due to the cultural differences, Americans are more direct when expressing their feelings. On the contrary, Taiwaness are more implied. Therefore, I easily feel sad because of their innocent comments. Anyway, I hope I could learn more about intercultural communication by taking this course. I believe it will be very interesting.

  9. Kylee said

    Hi, everyone~ My name is Kylee~ I am taking Japanese and Spanish classes, and in the future, I want to take French class, too. I am very interested in languages because I think that learning languages is just like traveling in different kinds of countries, and I believe that taking this seminar will help me understand different cultures more and have brandnew viewpoints toward the cultural differences.

  10. Levonar said

    Hello! This is Levonar, a girl who has great passion to walk into people, work with people, and get to know with all kinds of people. I have certain experiences to work with some foreign friends. While interacting with friends from different cultures, I realize how amazing the cultural or historical background shapes the way people behave or the mode people think. To me, the ICC course is the way to decode the invisible myth in different cultures. I would like to learn the accurate diversity between cultures. Thus, it helps me build up the healthy attitude to respect and appreciate the beauty of culture diversity. Anyway, it’s absolutely wonderful to know you guys from Penn State University. My email address is:
    It will be delightful to have a chat with you!

  11. Lucy said

    Hello! Everybody~
    My name is Lucy, a senior now in THU. I double major in Chinese and Foreign Language. In addition, I’ve learned Japanese for the second year. I like to gain knowledge from different cultures, and I think learning languages besides our mother tongue is a great approach. Although all of us immerse different cultures in our daily life, we might not ponder the reasons of certain phenomenon, even for our native culture. So I’m expecting to broaden my understanding in different cultures from this course!
    I’m quite interested in the field of English education. Since I’ve once worked in the children English cram school, I found that teaching is not an easy task but full of challenge. And through observing the process of children’s learning, I also gained different experiences in English learning. As a result, I want to know more about effective approaches of this field in the future!
    ***Hope to meet you guys soon!!^^

  12. Doris said

    Hello! My name is Doris. I am taking German and French classes now. Learning language is not an easy thing, but I am sure it is an interesting thing. I am glad that I have chance to join this class, and I think it will be happy to learn about different cultures. Learning different languages also helps me to communicate with foreigners. Via good communication and interaction, I think it will let me know more about other cultures. I believe it not only help me broaden my knowledge, but also learn something useful and interesting.

  13. Sydney Lee said

    Hi~ My name is Sydney. I am a junior studnet in English at THU. Last year, I took a series of cultural courses and minority in German. As an English major, I notice that sometimes conversations between two people from different countries may lead to misunderstandings , even if they use the same language . The cultural background is huge gape which is hard to cross. That is why I want to take this course. During my free time, I like to do some window shopping, watching socer games and reading.

  14. Meggie said

    Hello, everyone! My name is Meggie. Nowadays, we can learn from the international news report about the conflicts or the wars between different countries very often. And I’m pondering why these countries would have conflicts, in addition to the political reasons, there must be some problems that make the different countries misunderstand each other’s culture. And that’s why I’d like to take this seminar class and find the ways to communicate with people from different cultures effectively. And now I’d like to mention about my hobbies. In my leisure time, I enjoy playing the piano, go shopping, keeping a diary and listening to music.
    I don’t like to exercise because I’m a lazy girl^^”

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