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Lots of tidbits of advice on doing business in other cultures

Posted by thuicc on September 26, 2006

Here is some advice from various folks on “How not to be the ‘ugly American'” (or ugly anyone else, perhaps?) when doing business in other cultures. (It’ll open in another window.)

These bits of advice can be helpful, but as one commenter, Miguel, writes, “One must be careful with these tidbits as they can easily transmogrify, as Calvin would say, into STEREOTYPES. Respect is #1. After that, one simply must be observant and careful until one feels more at ease with their knowledge of local customs.”


3 Responses to “Lots of tidbits of advice on doing business in other cultures”

  1. That was a very useful link. It’s so important to be aware of other cultures when doing business these days. I can’t imagine an exec or entrepreneur being able to get very far without knowing these basics. There’s always room to brush up on etiquette!

  2. Well said. Thought you may like to check out “Vblog – Protocol & Etiquette in Between China and the US” at

    This blog explores the manners and customs which distinguish the two cultures and the protocol and etiquette necessary to thrive in either world. The old saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans” is not sufficient for bridging the communication gap and cultural differences between China and the US. The world operates in the climate of globalization with a constant need for cross-cultural communication. This blog explores how interractions occur during a process of cultural adaptation between these two countries and cultures.


  3. thuicc said

    Thanks for the link. One of the things I was mentioning in class last week was the idea of open-mindedness. I said that it’s easy to say we should be open-minded, but the reality is that it’s not always easy to figure out what exactly we should be open-minded about. But it’s vital to find out.

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