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Individualism and collectivism in our class

Posted by thuicc on October 12, 2006

Well, using the individualism/collectivism survey that we filled out this afternoon, I can come to the following shaky unscientific conclusions about our class.

Our average scores:

Horizontal Individualism: 49.42857

Vertical Individualism: 35.21429

Horizontal Collectivism: 53

Vertical Collectivism: 45.57143

Individualism: 84.64286

Collectivism: 98.57143

So it looks like we’re (you’re, actually–I didn’t include my own results in this) more collectivistic than we are individualistic. I don’t know if the difference is significant or not, though (I’m not a statistician).

Let’s see… what else can I tell you about our individualism and collectivism? Well, 7 people had collectivism scores over 100, and only 1 person had an individualism score over 100 (but that was one of the 7 people whose collectivism score was over 100, so that person seemed to agree with everything…).

You can see more details here: Table


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