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This afternoon’s class

Posted by thuicc on October 19, 2006

Here are two websites we will be using for this afternoon’s class:

The focus of the activities we’ll be doing here is on how global English-language media portray or understand Taiwan.

The first project involves looking at English-language newspapers from around the world in order to see how they represent Taiwan to their audiences. What counts as “news” from Taiwan? Of what interest is news from Taiwan to the audiences of those online newspapers? And what do those news articles suggest about the culture(s) of Taiwan and/or the relationships of Taiwan to the audiences of the articles?

The second project takes a look at Wikipedia, an online “collaborative” encyclopedia. Wikipedia is written and edited by many people–almost anyone who accesses an article on the site can make changes to the information on the site. The website also keeps records of the changes and records discussions held about how articles should be written. (Take a look, for example, at the Taiwan article, the history of changes to that article, and the discussions that have gone on about that article.) This information–and the fact that Wikipedia is a popular site for students, scholars, and other people to go for quick information on all kinds of topics–means that Wikipedia is an interesting and important site to look at when we want to understand the various ways in which Taiwan is understood (or misunderstood, depending on your perspective) and the debates and controversies that go on about how to understand this place.

Articles to take a look at for this second assignment: Taiwan, Taiwanese people, Culture of Taiwan (and the articles’ changes and histories).

I’ll be asking you to work on small groups, choose one of these assignments, and prepare to present your conclusions on this course blog in the near future. (Date is still to be determined.)


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