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National Geographic video about the Haj

Posted by thuicc on October 23, 2006

This video is about the Haj, the pilgrimage Muslims are supposed to take to the holy city of Mecca. Watch it to learn more about the Islamic faith–and also to get a sense of how the West portrays Muslims. This can help you prepare for the exchange with our partners in Kuwait.

Here is a link to the video in a larger format.

2 Responses to “National Geographic video about the Haj”

  1. Mir Nasrullah said

    I want to learn islam through videos
    is it possible you can send me the videos of nimaz , haj, etc
    so that i can explore it.

  2. thuicc said

    One place where you can search for videos about Islam is Google’s video site; just type in some key words for what you want to find out about. For example, I found quite a few helpful videos about “how to offer namaz“. Hope this helps!

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