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Amazing Hajj

Posted by lucyhuang on October 29, 2006

After watching the video of Hajj, I deeply sense the strong power of Islam. There are many words uttered by people in the video really touch me. For instance, “God doesn’t look a face. God doesn’t look a body…God is looking for what? Your heart!” The South African man appreciates God about the equality, for black men usually receive racial discrimination. But he thankfully found Islam to accept him. Besides, in Islam, only spiritual status matters but materials are of tiny importance. They wear the same outfits. And everyone look all the same there. It not only shows the equality before God, but also emphasizes the materials are not important. Hajj only cares about the connection to the God mentally. They can sleep on the road side without hesitation, and they can eat simple food without extra desire. They talk about their belief with passion and expectation. After the pilgrimage to Mega, a man said, “I would like to be a better man…I want to play a better role of whatever I am supposed to be in.” I used to be confused about the function of pilgrimage but now I get an understanding from his words. Everyone has his/her expectation in life. They just hold a faith, and realize it through Hajj.

There’s a question comes into my mind after watching the marvelous scene of hajj. Since there are millions of people in
Saudi Arabia believe in the same religion, I am quite curious about what if someone doesn’t believe in Islam? Will he/ she face great pressure or be despised? Compared to the American female in the video who chooses her own religion even though she comes from a Catholic family, is there any religious freedom in
Kuwait at all? I believe that in the past, the conventional society must not allow this kind of situation, but I’m wondering if the situation remains the same till now. I’m expecting to hear from your opinions in near future!


4 Responses to “Amazing Hajj”

  1. Osama Riad said

    I really appreciate your curiosity about hajj and Islam, and how our religion deals with the individual’s heart and his spiritual status, rather than materials. If someone doesn’t believe in Islam, but lives in an Islamic country like Kuwait or Saudia Arabia, he/she has the sole right to believe in whatever religion he/she believes in, and has the right to practice her beliefs freely, without dealing with any types of pressure. In Kuwait, for instance, there are churches for Christian people. They can practice their religion at anytime and feel free to discuss their religious point of views with friends, family, etc. They way you asked the question “is there any religious freedom in Kuwait “at all”? makes it sound like people who aren’t muslim cant live here, but we have people from all religions living happily and freely in kuwait, without facing any type of religious pressure. I can’t really answer the question whether this happens in Saudia Arabia or not because I dont know what happens there, but if ur Muslim, you should respect all other religions and people of other religions, and give them the right to believe in whatever they want to believe. So i can guess religious freedom is in Saudia Arabia too. Thanks, n I hope I helped giving you a background of what Kuwait’s like. 🙂

  2. Sulaiman Al-Ghunaim said

    I really like the fact that you took your time and viewed the real islam and not the biast views that are shown in now a days national television, I also like the fact that you sense the strong power of islam. And to answer your question, those living in Saudi Arabia that are not muslims will not face any pressure from others or be despised by others. And there is religious freedom in Kuwait, you can follow and believe in whatever religion you want to, and you wont face any pressure or be despised by Kuwaitis, so yes there is religous freedom in Kuwait. In fact, there are a very few Kuwaiti families that are Christians. And also as a muslim you should appreciate other people’s religions and not despise their religions or be against their religion.

  3. Ahmed Al-Qassar said

    While I’m not really sure about Saudia Arabia or any other arab countries, I can tell you that in Kuwait, people are free to believe what they want, as long as it’s not harmful to others, and as long as they don’t mock other people for believing something different then they do.

    Islam teaches us to be respectful to people, and what they believe in. It doesn’t matter if a person is Catholic or Jewish, since we all believe in the same thing except for a few differences. So as long as people stay respectful to what we believe, then they are free to believe what they want as well.

  4. lateef marafie said

    after reading your blog im very impressed with the information you have about islam already after watching a single video about hajj and how you described islam as a religion of equity and peace and that is what islam is really about its about respect,kindness and love between mankind.

    answering your questions,yes even though there is only one relgions here in kuwait, islam has offered free choice for mankind and everyone is free to choose his own religion and be respected no matter what his religion is but there are rules,once someone becomes a muslim it is against islam laws for him to change his religion and he would be punished by god and will face he pressure by people but that doesnt lower at all respect to other religions as i mentioned before. thank you.

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