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Posted by winniepan on October 29, 2006

I watched the video about the Haj and I feel it is amazing. So many people come from different countries to Saudi Arabia in order to worship God. I think it is a very significant event to Muslim and they actually cry when they pray at Mecca. I’m not a Muslim but I understand the feeling that touches their hearts when they’re so near the holy place they dream to come.

In the video, I learn some culture and attitude toward Muslims. During they life they wish to go to Mecca at least one time and they learn to be a better man after they back home. A woman from America in the video says that the real point to come to Mecca is to improve oneself. Moreover, people get together because of love during the worship, no matter what races or social status they are. The video also mentions that people should be patience, courtesy and respect and I think it’s very important to have these three elements when people join the Haj. Furthermore, I think Muslims are all confirmed about what they do. They are also very religious, they devote to the things that Abraham and Hagar do. In the video, people walk quickly for several times on the path that Hagar searching for water for her son. Besides, they are willing to walk to Arafat instead of by car because they believe they can do it when Abraham did it at the aged of 60.

After watching the video, I have some questions. Do people in Saudi Arabia wear robes all the time or when they join Haj? Also, I have see some news report point out that many people were asphyxiated or tramped to death because of too many people or hit by the throwing pebbles during Haj. In your point of view, do you think it is still worth to go to Mecca even though one might be killed there?

4 Responses to “Haj”

  1. Farah Al-Eisa said

    Hi Winniepan
    i really appreciate your comment about what you think of Haj and Islam, Haj is the chance for a muslim to go to and worship god, and when he does, everything bad he had done would be cleared, just like a baby and the good things he had done would still be remaind. Personally, i have never been to Mecca yet, but i can’t wait for the time where i can see mecca and worship god. I agree with the American woman when she said that it is a way to improve your self because you get the chance to clear all the bad things you’ve done and start all over again. Muslims are very religous because we beleive that god gave us everything we wanted and whatever we do wouldnt be enough, so we try everything to please God. In my opinion, our religoun makes us take the right desisouns in our life and make our life more organized. To answer your question, men wear robes only when they go to Haj, or Omra (Omra is almost similar to haj only that you can go to omra at any time of the year) woman in Haj wear a black cover, covering al their body. some women wear the black cover all the time and some wear it only during their prayer time. Of course it is worth getting killed in Haj, a very religous Muslim would not care if he got killed while he is praying in Haj because he will be considered (Shaheed). A shaheed is when you get killed while you’re trying to worship god and those people would go straight to heaven. I personally prefer losing my life in Haj rather than losing it while sleeping.

  2. Laila Salah said

    I really appreciate your understanding towards islam and your feelings towards Muslims on how they feel, and their worships towards lslam and Haj. An answer to your question if people wear robes in Saudi Arabia all of the time? The answer is NO they only wear them when they go to Haj. An answer for your Second question, From my point of view and all of the Muslims point of view for your question, if it is still worth to go to Mecca even if we are going to die. Yes it is still worth to go to Mecca for Haj.This is because when every Muslim goes for Haj, they don’t think that they might die there, all they think about is worship for God and asking for forgiveness and mercy. All they think about is how they will get closer and closer to God. Because when you go to Haj, you will come out of it as a new born baby, all the sins and mistakes that you have done through out your lifetime are rubbed as soon as you go for Haj. Even if people died in Haj they are so lucky that they died in this place, they have died while they are worshiping God, moreover they have died in the most blessed place, in Mecca around the Kabba while God is watching them and forgiving them. In addition, not all people die there, the people who die in Haj are mostly old people who get tired quickly, for example that if someone puhed them they can’t resist and they would fall quickly. I hope that I had clear answers for your questions, and I hope you had a better understanding of Haj now from my answers. Thankyou 🙂

  3. Ali_Abdul_Salam said

    Hi Winniepan, I am Kuwaiti, but I grew up in London in my child hood. I moved back to Kuwait when I was fifteen. I might not have the absolute correct answers to your questions, but I will answer you according to what I know. I really appreciate you in the way you think about Islam. According to the tradition of the robe or “Abaya”, women in the Arabic countries only take off their robes to their husbands, their father, other women or children. Most of the younger Kuwaiti women don’t wear a robe because it’s not fashionable, but rather only a veil to cover their hair because western fashion is becoming popular in Kuwait. Most of the older women put the Abaya on because they are used to their tradition. In hajj women put the Abaya to cover them selves from the men and also show a sigh of appreciation to Islam. Men also wear the seamless cloth in hajj, also as sign of appreciation to Islam. Many men wear the “dishdaha” in Kuwait which is similar to the seamless cloth, but are slowly changing to put on the western clothes, such as jeans and T shirts. I don’t think that anyone these days might die from suffocation or by pebbles, but I know that if you go to hajj all of your sins will be forgiven so it worth going anyway. I didn’t go to Mecca yet, but I’m hoping in the future to go with my family or friends.

  4. Bassma Al- Kassem said

    My name is Bassma Al- Kassem I have lived in Kuwait my whole life but I am Syrian. I watched the video myself but let me tell you that when you are actually present it is a whole different feeling. You said you understand the feeling that touches Muslims hearts just by watching the video. How do you think Muslims feel when they are actually present? Going to Hajj soothes the soul. In the Quran, Muslim holy book, they say if you go to Hajj all your sins will be erased and you will be sinless as if you were reborn all over again. To answer your questions: Yes, in Saudi Arabia, from what I know, all women are obliged to wear “abaya” and veil to cover. It is a sign of respect to our religion. The men must wear white cloths that are not sewn together and they fasten then with saftey pins but this is only when they are preforming the pillar of Hajj. To answer your question about dying in Hajj: I went to Mecca before for Umra (Umra is similar to Hajj but with Umra you can go anytime during the year, Hajj has a specific time) and it changed my life forever. I felt so pure, I felt that I reconnected with my Religion and with God and just to be able to sense that feeling should make you want to die just right then and there. Because, what better death would one wish for himself than dying worshipping God? You may not fully understand the feeling because you are not Muslim but I’m sure you feel the same about your religion. If you have anymore questions please free to ask.. Take care!

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