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Posted by tottietsai on October 29, 2006

I think that many people have a stereotyped about Islam because of Osama Bin Laden and the Terrorist attack. After watching this film, I was very surprised that Muslims have such strong belief to make a pilgrimage to
Mecca. Every year people can see millions of Muslims from the whole world go to
Mecca to worship their God. Every time when I watch this news, I am very impressed on their determination and great belief on their religion. These Muslims
practice what they preach. I am curious about why that they have such strong belief to go to
Mecca and know that they may lose their life through this pilgrimage? Also, I am curious about the black stone and what its significance and role on Islam? Through this film, I have known the Muslims process and some rituals to
Mecca. From their process to
Mecca, I was impressed by the scene that when some of Muslims arrived
Mecca, they burst out a cry. I was very touched by this scene because I can feel that their dissolve on their accomplishment of the pilgrimage. Also, the ritual to throw stone is quite impressed me. I was wondering what ritual’s significance on Islam? Hope I can get answers from you to understand more about the Islam culture. Thank you.

3 Responses to “Haj&Islam”

  1. Abdullah hidar said

    I went answer your question and I hop from May answer you can understand the reply for your question. The hajj is basis for every Muslims in Islam and it is the important basis in Islam so when you see all these people come from different kind of world you amazed because many people in that day will dead and many people they lasted because this day it come a one month in the year same the Ramadan but for finished all this ritual’s it take one week and in the holy Koran when we read about it good said if you do these ceremonies your offense, fault will disappear, vanish and return back same your mother born without any offense, fault. People who do many offense, fault in their life for example they drink and the drink in the Islam is illicitly and who do a relation ship between the woman without mare these is in Islam is illicitly. So for this you will see all Muslims desirous to do this ritual’s from different country in the world and they sacrifice oneself to get this reward and recompense from good.

  2. Shahd Al- Barjes said

    hello tottietsai,
    I’m glad you’re Curious and want to know more about Islam and our culture. Muslims go to mecca for hajj because it is one of the muslim duties as described in the five pillars of islam. Muslims go to mecca to worship and come back as better people with a clean slate. Unfortunatly sometimes people die due to the large number of people. However, if people die during hajj one is considered a “shaheed” meaning he died during fulfillment of a religious commandment.The shaheed is considered as one that his place in Paradise is promised. People throw stones represents stonning the devil and letting out the bad energy from within you. I hope i answered your questions and feel free to ask more. 🙂

  3. Esraa Alshammari said

    It is really nice to hear such thoughts about Islam form non-Muslim people, and how you are impressed and touched by the scenes you’ve looked at within the video about Hajj. After reading your words, I can tell that you’re aware of what is going on and are trying to think about things by thinking critically and don’t just believe in information that different genres of media provide; especially when you mentioned within your first paragraph the point about the misunderstanding of Islam and considering it as the religion which supports violence and call for it. However, of course such idea/stereotype is superficial and simply knows nothing about Islam which is the religion of liberality. Regarding your first inquiry about Islam, I can say that there is something in Muslims’ souls especially those who have a strong belief; they feel that worshiping God/Allah is more important than their lives. Although Hajj is a must for one time through the Muslim’s life and one of the basic rituals of Islam for everyone who fulfills all of its conditions, many people go to Hajj several times. The reason of practicing Hajj and having this strong belief is that this particular ritual has many benefits. It makes them feel comfortable because of the Mecca and its holiness. It makes them feel that they are surrounded with angels and Allah is watching them and is forgiving them. The prophet Mohammed says that going to Mecca to practice the rituals of Hajj is like becoming born again without sins.
    You asked about the black stone (Al Hajar Al Aswad) and its role in Islam. Basically, it was found by Abraham (Ibrahim) and his son Ishmael (Ismail) when they were searching for stones with which to build the Kaaba. They recognized its worth and made it one of the building’s cornerstones. It is the head stone of the corner. Muslims believe that it could cleanse their sins, and it is has a great value to touch it because it has last for centuries, and many prophets and holy people touch it, so it’s like an honor to touch it.
    Finally, you wondered about the significance of throwing stones. In fact, this particular ritual is practiced be Muslims is because when they throw stones, they imprecate the devil which is the symbol of evil.
    As a Muslim, I visited Mecca last summer as Umra which is quite similar to Hajj but with different rituals and less amount of time. Once my eyes captured the Kaa’ba, they were full of tears. There are no words that could describe what I felt. The place was amazing; all people are equal there; it makes you feel the meaning of being pure. I hope I can go again.
    I enjoyed reading your post, and I wish that I illuminate some of what you are wondering about.

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