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Hajj and Islam

Posted by doris0724 on October 29, 2006

After watching the video, I feel so impressed by the documentry. I am so impressed by their strong belief. It is common that some people say they have strong belief about religion, but for Muslim, they are even willing to walk for a long long time to worship their God. I think that’s why that Islam is the religion that cause the most misunderstanding. We are not Muslim, so we may regard those things what they have done is incredible. However, after watching the documentry, I feel touched by their strong belief and now I can understand why they are willing to do so many things for their belief. I still remember one scene, an American woman cried because she finally arrived Mecca. I am wondering why they have so strong belief about Islam but other religions, and I try to find the answer in this documentry. I think the answer is that Muslim says in documentry, because they believe that their God is equal to everyone. No matter their appearance, gender, race, country and so on. When they are going to pray at Mecca, they all have to wear Kobe. I think that is another way that shows everyone is equal in front of God. They also have a lot of ways to worship their God, but I can’t understand two of these ways. The first one is called “standing at Arafat”. What is the significance about that? And why at Arafat but other places to worship their God? The second one is they will throw stones. We can find the meaning of throwing stones is for getting rid of the devil in their inner heart. But why do they want to use this way to get rid of the devil? Don’t they think it is very dangerous? Since it is a different culture that we are unfamiliar with, but I think no matter what kind of religion, they all have the same function that is make our life become better and better. Like people says at the end of the video, it is an kind of improvement and learn, and they will give away what they have learned to make everyone better and better.

One Response to “Hajj and Islam”

  1. Aysha Al-Rowaished said

    thanks for all the great comments and it’s great that you understood how powerful people feel about islam and how they convert into islam and devote themselves to islam.
    the significance of stnading at arafat is the final thing to do in Hajj and it’s the day where some people actually fast before Eid which is the next day. throwing stones is not dangerous except that the place where they actually throw stones is very small and since their are alot of people and from different parts of the world some people can be pushy and some can get hurt but it’s all worth it since they have are going to worship God and if that doesn’t satisfy you as something worth getting hurt for then did you know that people who go to Hajj they will be like new borns what i mean is that if they have sinned then after Hajj they will be forgiven and thats just to show how forgiving God is to his people!!!!

    I hope i didn’t bore you with my loong answer and I hope these answers have done great use to your understanding of Islam and Hajj!!

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