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Hajj and Islam

Posted by rachelhsu on October 29, 2006

It is really impressive for me to see the emotional and spiritual impacts a religion has on so many people. When watching the video clip on Google, I was really touched and amazed by all the Muslims’ strong beliefs in God and their continual devotions. One of the significant scenes in the clip for me is when an old man says his prayer and then begins to cry – I can as if to feel his connection with God. But here I have some questions about this video: Frist,what is the significance of the cover on Kabba? Why do Muslims have to make a new one every year for the Hajj? Second, why do the Muslims walk in circle around the Kabba seven times? Is there any particular meaning behind ”seven times”? Actually, I quite like the idea of wearing white robes (how do you call them?) when attending the sacred ceremony to make everyone equal in front of God without the difference of sex, gender, race, status, so on and so forth. However, in the video, there is a black man who receives unfair treatment when resting at the tent during the pilgrimage. I am wondering if this violates God’s wish of every man is equal? Besides, there is an American woman who joins Hajj as well. She says she still gets people’s doubts of her being Muslim. I don’t know if the race of pilgrims will make any difference or draw special attentions?! It will be great if you can answer my questions. 🙂

3 Responses to “Hajj and Islam”

  1. Abdulrahman Al-Farra said

    After reading your response and comments on the weekend’s assignment about the Hajj and Islam, I was impressed by your strong desire to learn about other culture and religions. I realize that your knowledge and information about Islam and Hajj are limited due to the fact that you are not a Muslim and don’t have any personal experience with Muslims. The information found about Islam on some websites sometimes is not full or truthful; therefore people who visit these websites get partial or wrong information about Hajj or Islam in general. The video you have watched didn’t present all of the activities related to Hajj, so please allow me to answer your questions and clarify some of these activities. The significance of the cover on the Kabba is the same as the white robe. The white robes, known as Malabs Al ehram represent purity and equality as you mentioned in your post. The significance of the cover of Kabba, which has been practiced by prophets for centuries, is to give this place grandeur and honor as a symbol of its holiness. Additionally, a new cover is placed on the Kabba every year to celebrate the coming of the Hajj and to be in front of God in a new cover as Muslims. In fact, some activities are prohibited during Hajj such as, hunting, fighting, using perfumes, and sexual relation with your wife or husband.

    The Muslims walk in circle around the Kabba seven times because of the prophet Ibrahem and his son Ismael who built the Kabba and walked around the it seven times to finish building it. Moreover, the number seven is significant in Islam as it is mentioned in the Holly Quran in several places such as seven skies, seven earths, God made the universe in seven days, the week comprises of seven days and so on. Recently, scientists were able to determine that the Kabba is the center of the universe and the gravitational forces are concentrated around it. When Muslims walk around the Kabba in counter clockwise fashion, they are walking in the same direction as the gravitational force and not against it which means harmony, peace, and power. You are thinking on the right track and in the right terms when saying “wearing white robes makes everyone equal in front of God without the differences of sex, gender, race, and status” but it also signifies the fact that when a Muslim dies, they are wrapped in white sheets and buried in them. Therefore, when the Muslims go to Hajj, they are prepared to be buried as they are since Islam teaching states that a Muslims who dies in Hajj must be buried the way they are.

    Finally, many media sources don’t fully present Islam in a proper and truthful manner. In the future, I hope you will investigate the sources and contents of the media before making a decision. I hope I was able to answer most of your questions clearly, precisely and have changed the way you think about Islam and Muslims.

  2. believer said

    great reply, i am a muslim and have learned alot from that, thank you

  3. basit ali soomro said

    it is really impressive to see that kind of assignment on web
    it is very needful for Muslims to learn all about hajj

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