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My questions to Kuwaitis culture!

Posted by ashy7495 on October 29, 2006

Hello, everyone~

How you doing?I’ve read those brief introduction of Kuwaitis culture and I got really excited to ask more questions. For example, about the tea and coffee that Kuwaitis usually serve to a guest, but is there any possiable for serving juice or cola? Does the guest need to finish all the tea or meals to show their appreciation? Do the young generation use bare hands to enjoy the meal? Are there any people are vegetarians?

Since the mixed cultures of Kuwait is soo amazing, do the students still want to major in any Asian language? like Japanese or Chinese? Bedies the mass media you have in Kuwait, do you have Kuwaitis serials& dramas like we commonly have in China, Taiwan, Korea. Mind if you introduce Kuwaitis singers to me?

I’m really curious and excited to know about these. sorry about listing out a page of questions…haha:p


14 Responses to “My questions to Kuwaitis culture!”

  1. Farah Al Mekhled said

    Hi ashy7495…….

    I thought your questions were kind of interesting regarding the Kuwaiti culture. In Kuwait we surve all different sorts of drinks to our guests (example jucie, cola and coctails) but the most important drinks would defanitly be tea and Arabic coffee. Although we serve many different drinks to our guests, tea and coffee are a must meaning that we have to serve it as a way of representing hospitality. Guests do not have to finish all their meal while visiting a Kuwaiti home, but when a guest refuses to eat anything during a visit he/she could be considered rude. The majority of Kuwaits younge generation do not use bare hands during meals and yes their are a few Kuwaiti vegetarians.
    I am one of many Kuwaities who’s very interested in several Asian languages but find it very difficult to learn. In Kuwait we have plenty of serials and dramas, in fact Kuwait is considered the first Gulf country to used mass media. We have many famouse comedy, drama and action movies and series.We have many famouse male and female Kuwaiti singers including Nawal(female singer), Nabeel Shael(male singer), Abdalla Rwashid (male singer), Fatooma (female singer), Maram (female singer) and many many more.

  2. Maryam Naseeb said


    I am surprised that you know those things about our culture and I am happy to tell you about them. About the coffee and the tea you don’t have to drink them but we serve them to show our hospitality we serve the hot drinks first then the cold drinks we serve juice, cola, lemon… etc. you don’t have to finish the meal it’s your choice but if you finish it, it means that you like the food. No we (the young generation) don’t eat with our hands. The old people sometimes eat with their hands if there is a fish. Of course there is vegetarian in Kuwait but not a lot. I have in my family an animation club  they love animations movies they have posters and games the only one I remember is “gandam” and they really want to learn Japanese and Chinese. We have serials& dramas in Kuwait actually a lot of them especially in Ramadan. And for the Kuwaiti singers their are Abdulah Rwaished, Nawal, Nabel Shaal, Bashar elshati amd Maimi.

  3. Sabeeka Ben-Salamah said

    Hey ashy7495,
    I loved it a lot that you’re interested in our culture and want to know more about it. I’ll try my best to please you with the answers I’ve got for your questions. First of all, tea and coffee (Arabian coffee) are served in Kuwait as a way of authenticity in hospitality and generosity. But this doesn’t mean that tea and coffee are the only drinks served, Kuwaiti people also serve juices and other drink (non alcoholic) to their guests. When it comes to eating, the guests don’t have to finish all their meal. They can stop eating whenever they feel like stopping, but finishing what you had put in your plate is a way of telling your host that you have had a good meal. And refusing to have anything to eat or drink for the whole time of the visit is considered rudeness. Some of the young generation use bare hands when eating to enjoy the meal, but they don’t use it when eating anything, using bare hands depend on the type of food and the place of eating, they don’t use bare hands when they are dining out or when having guests with them. Vegetarians are everywhere, which means that there are some vegetarian people in Kuwait. Unfortunately, I don’t think we have Asian languages as majors in the universities here in Kuwait, but there are quite a lot of people who are using books, tapes, and also attending classes at institutions to learn some Asian languages. The mass media here in Kuwait is so developed, and we have loads of good serials and dramas. In fact, I think Kuwaiti serials and dramas are the best between the Arabian Gulf Countries. Kuwait is also known for its singers and they are a lot like Abdullah Rowaishid, Nabeel Shouail, Bashar Al-Shatti, and Ahmed Hussain. These four male singers are just a few from a long list of singers. I hope I was able to please you with my answers, good bye .

  4. Bibi Alomair said

    Hi ashy7495..
    I am so happy that you are curious to know about our culture and I hope to answer all your questions. About the coffee and the tea yes we serve a lots of other kinds of drinks such as, cola, Pepsi, orange juice.. The guest does not need to finish all the meal it is his opinion to finish it or not. No, young generation do not use bare hands to eat the meal. Yes, in Kuwait there are some people who are vegetarians.we don’t have Asians languages in universities but there are a lots of clubs that offer Asian languages for students. Yes in Kuwait we have serials and dramas that all people enjoy to see. There are famous singers in Kuwait like Abdullah Rowaishid , Nawal., Ahmad Hussain, Bashar Alshatti, and there are a lots of bands like Miami and Guitara.

  5. Nouf Al-Otaibi said

    Hi Ashy 7495,
    This is the first time I read from a Taiwanee! I’m happy to know that some youngsters there are curious to learn more about our traditions.I will start with drinks served for guests.We offer various drinks including cola and juice, but we usually start by offering tea or coffee as they are part of a very long tradition in the area. Ofcourse guests should not feel embarrassed as to whether they finish their drinks or not, but traditionally we serve in small quantities to avoid such situations. A guest who needs more drink, he should shake his cup.Eating with bare hands is a very old habit. Now, very few people eat this way, especially when the meal is “beryani” a very popular food made mainly of rice and meat.Personally, I know no vegetarians in my family or friends, but I think there are some of them in Kuwait, although the number must be very limited compared to other parts of the world.Kuwaitees are very keen on languages-mainly English,but not Chinese or Japanese. These languages are considered the most difficult to learn! is it true that there are more than haundred letter in each of these languages? if it is true, I wonder how people-even natives- learn such languages!!(ha..ha).Kuwait is very known among Arab countries for its works of drama and TV serials,especially humorous ones! people here are very funny and they love saying jokes.Also, Kuwaitee singers are the best among Arabs, the most famous are Abdalla Al-Ruwaishid, Nabil Shiil and Nawal-my favourite!!
    I hope that I answered all your questions. If you plan to visit Kuwait anyday you are welcome, and don’t forget you won’t need to finish your drink!!(ha..ha)

  6. Bader AL-Ghanim said

    Hi Ashy 7495

    i found your questions very intresting. The tea and coffee that we serve to our guests is part of our culture. Our ancestors used to do it a long time ago, and now we carry that tradition. When the tea or coffee is served you should drink it all, because it is served for you and not drinking it would be an indirect way of saying that i dont like your coffee or tea. Also if I went to a formal partie and they served cola or something instead of tea or coffee i myself would find that kind of offensive and i will think that these people dont have any manners. finishing your food is an option but usually you have to finish whats in your plate. if you do not finish it, your telling your hostes that i do not like your food. Young generation and old generation use their bare hands to eat their food. They only do that when they are in their house or a gathering that is only men. in formal gatherings of dinners outside we use forks and knifes. By the way eating with your hands is fun, i encourage you to try it sometime :). In Kuwait we do not have alot of vegiterians because meat is a big part of our food.

    About majoring in languages we do not have that a lot in Kuwait. Very few people do that because most people want to be business men or engineers. We in Kuwait have a lot of Dramas that are know all around the gulf area, especially in the holy month of Ramadan. In Ramadan Kuwait is known for the Drama that it produces. There are a lot of Kuwaiti singers that have excellent voices and songs like Abdullah Al-Rowashid, Nawal and Nabeel AL-Shuail.

    I thank you for your couriosity in my counry and my culture and i hope that i have answerd all your questions.

  7. Saad Al Subaie said

    Hey Ashy,
    What you have asked really attracted me to answer your questions. First of all Kuwait’s tradition usually treat guests in a good way. They are generous in what they give to their guests. Usually they serve tea and arabian coffee but in some bigger occasions other beverages such as cola and juice are served. The tea and meals are not necessary to finish but the coffee is served in small portions which is prefered to be finished.
    Using your hands to eat food depends on the person. If a person wants to eat bare handed there is no problem with doing it. There are people who might be vegetarians.
    There might be a big chance in people wanting to major in asian languages. But it depends on the university if they have these languages as majors.
    Yes, we have different types of soap operahs. They come out mostly on the month of ramadan.
    About the singers we have many singers whiich are known in the middle east such as Miami Band, Aisha al Marta and Jamal Al Mujaim.

  8. Hi ashy7495,
    I noticed that you are trying to make us give you an idea about the Kuwaiti culture. About the food, old Kuwaitis used to serve coffee and tea. However, Bedouin Kuwaitis related to the coffee more than the Kuwaiti civilian people. Nowadays, Kuwaitis serve different kinds of drinks. Kuwaitis do like cola and juices as other people in the world. So, they would serve any kind of drinks up to what the guest does like. The guest doesn’t need to eat the whole meal to show his\her appreciation. But, they would feel upset if they would invite someone to a dinner then he doesn’t eat! The young generation isn’t different than other new generations in other countries; some of them use there hands and others follow the modern way of eating.
    We don’t have a clear Idea about students who do care of Asian cultures and languages. However, there are some people who study those languages and feel interested about them. Of course, there are serials, drama, theatre, art etc.. Also, there are many singers of Kuwait; some of them sing in a traditional way and others sing in a modern way that fits the new generation.

    Hope that would inform you about the Kuwaiti culture

  9. Jassim Al Jassim said

    Hey Ashy,
    Your questions that you posted showed me that you were really interested in knowing more about the Kuwaity culture. Yes Kuwait is a small country and many people would think that there is a dominant culture but the truth is there is only a dominant religion, cultures and some traditions like eating with your bare hands or being a vegetarion might change through different families. I for my self only know one vegetarian in my whole family considering my grandparents and Uncles and Aunties. Answering your question about coffe and tea, it is considered an old tradtion and is basically seen in formal gatherings mostly. As for your question about finishing the meals, it isnt a Kuwaity tradition and if you think about it, everybody in the whole world may consider that when offered a meal in someone else’s house it is out of respect and appreciation to finish that meal.
    Aout students majoring in Asian Language, to be honest this is the first time i ever hear of such a major! And yes we do have Dramas and Serials but I see that they all have the same boring story so for my self, I really dont watch Kuwaity T.V. Some Kuwaity Singers that are usually considered the top in Kuwait are Nabeel Shual, Abdulkareem AbdulQader, Abdula Ruwaished, and many more but these are singers that almost all of Kuwait knows because of their past songs especially ones about Kuwait.

  10. Ahmed Al-Marzook said

    Hellow Ashy,
    I read your questions and they caught my eyes especially the tea/coffee one. First or all in the old days we didn’t have colla and one of our traditions is that u have to serve coffee first then the food; and afer the food you serve tea. It’s rude to serve tea before the food because its kind of an insault or as if you are saying to the guest that he is not welcome in your home or that there is no dinner.

    Yes u have to finish the drink/your plate because by not doing that you are insulting the host and its like you are saying that your food/drink tastes bad.

    There are many kuwaiti singers such as Yousef al Mutrif, Khalid al Mulla, Salman al Amari, and Sulaiman al Gassar.

  11. A Al-Marzook said

    Hello Ashy,
    sorry about the spelling so i typed it again :P.
    I read your questions and they caught my eyes especially the tea/coffee one. First or all in the old days we didn’t have cola and one of our traditions is that u have to serve coffee first then the food; and after the food you serve tea. It’s rude to serve tea before the food because its kind of an insult or as if you are saying to the guest that he is not welcome in your home or that there is no dinner.

    Yes u have to finish the drink/your plate because by not doing that you are insulting the host and its like you are saying that your food/drink tastes bad.

    There are many kuwaiti singers such as Yousef al Mutrif, Khalid al Mulla, Salman al Amari, and Sulaiman al Gassar.

  12. Dalal Al-armali said

    helloo, ashy 7495

    how you doing? I’m more than happy to answer your qustions.
    First of all, about tea and coffee yes we always serve them but we also sereve many other kind of drinks such as soft drinks.the qust dosenot have to finish all his meal becouse kuwaities serve more than four kinds of main course so you don’t have to eat it all , but it will be nice if you test eche kind of the food. yes we have some yong generation some times use their bare hands to eat. i think we have alow bresantege of vegetarians.

    onestly, i donot know about if the students in kuwaits want to major in asian language and we don’t have this major in any of kuwait universityes ,but maye bee thier is some kuwaites are studing abored for this major. kuwait is considerd as the hollywood of gulf becouse of our serial and dramas . we have many comedy serial and dramas such as ROqaya nad Subeka, denya eslam , kalty Gomasha and suliman bo resh.
    our famous singers are Abdullah al rewashed, nawal, nabeel suaal, bbashar al shstii, ahmad hussain, fatooma,suliman al qasaar and maram. in the end i’d like to know about your countriy culture.

  13. Nayef Al-Haddad said

    Regarding intrest in asian languages, I’ve reached intermediate level in learning Japanese back in college, where I was going to take it as a minor, so there is always a chance that there are few others just like me willing to learn and spend more time on Eastern culture.

  14. Ahmad Mohammed said

    Hey, just wanted to add that the kuwaiti culture is nothing compared to the japanese or asian culture. The ideology of the kuwaiti culture is primary bedoin which coincides with the idea of nothingness. The asian culture is diverse. It has its histories, religions, art, mass media, (NOT SILLY KUWAITI DRAMAS)…. Dont get me wrong, I am kuwaiti, born and raised, but believe me, its not a significant culture to know, well u could learn it by reading a one page book about kuwait. And the coffee hospitality thing is the silliest concept of authentic hospitality gesture. If the guest did not finish his drink or meal, it may result in total rudness.. hehehehehe,, sounds silly, but its the truth, some silly bedoin guy came up with this ingenious concept that all kuwaitis followed later on.
    My advise to you is to stick to your own amazing culture and learn more about it…
    P.S. our media is the lowest in rank meaning that kuwait produces the shittiest dramas… Our sport is weak meaning that we have the worst soccer, baskekball, boxing, handball, teams.. u name it, this country sucks in all ways possible,, except for one thing, SHOWING OFF.. hehehe,, my dear friend, dont drink our tasteless coffee, tea, dont hear our toneless music, and dont watch our herrific media… 🙂
    best regards,
    i hope you respect my openion.

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