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Questions about Islam and Kuwait

Posted by raybeast on October 29, 2006

Hello everyone~~ I have watched the film about Haj and read some discussions about Kuwait in the Wikipedia. First of all, I can deeply feel that how important the Haj is to islamites. I really do appreciate the religious principles of Islam which is about “no discrimination between human race, no matter you are poor or rich,”however I still wondering about how do islamites think about homosex? I know it is a weird question, but can someone answer me? Secondly, I’d like to know what are peoples’ daily life in Kuwait? I mean do people in Kuwait live like Taiwan? In Taiwan, we usually get up at nine or ten and go to school and office then we have lunch at about eleven or twelve(maybe one hour for taking a nap) then at about five or six we go home. This is a basic daily life in Taiwan which means we spend about eight or nine hours on studying or working. How about people in Kuwait? I want to ask this question is because Kuwait is a rich country, maybe people in Kuwait can spend less time on working. Ha…


8 Responses to “Questions about Islam and Kuwait”

  1. Sharifa Amin said

    Hello raybeast,

    Thank you for understanding and appreciating the principles of Islam, and I hope I would be able to answer your questions and make things clear for you. When it comes to homosexuals, Islam is totally against it. Our religion forbids homosexuality, or even the thought of being like the other gender. This is the best that I can give as an answer. About our daily life in Kuwait, for most people, it goes like this: we wake up at six or seven and go to school or work at eight. At two or three, we come back home and have lunch all together as a family because lunch is our main meal (just like how dinner is yours). Some people have one hour nap after that. In the evening, at around five or six, people gather and exchange conversations with each other. These gatherings are usually family gatherings, where all the aunts, uncles, and grandchildren gather at the grandparents’ house. These gatherings usually happen once a week. In Kuwait we care so much about the family and we try to keep in touch with our families because it is also something that Islam urges us to do. Because Kuwait is a rich country, that doesn’t mean that Kuwaiti people spend less time on working. People in Kuwait work seven hours, and some of them work in the afternoon as well, which make their total hours from the day spent at work ten or twelve hours. I wish that I made my point clear about the daily life of people in Kuwait. Bye 😉

  2. sulaiman said

    hello. I really rspect how you respect and appreciate our relegious acts. about homosexula people islaam is againt that concept and doesnt allow it, but its also a very forgiving relegion and has allternatives to all prblems and cases and its a very convincing relegion. i can reaaly help you know more and learn more about islaam if we had a chance to talk. about daily life in kuwait its true that kuwait is a rich country with rich people but still we are not that spoiled. people have to work to gain a good standard of living. the governmrent on the other hand helps alot in life nececities like medicla care and a lot more. we wake in the morning also around 8 or 9 it all depens on where you study or work and mostly people work untill 2 or 3 in the afternoon me as a student i hang out wth friends or go to do some sports. me myself im a show jumper so i spend alot of my time in the stable riding. most kuwaitee student have a hobby or sport they participate in in the after noon. what i want you to know is although we are rich and have mony we still work to gain it we are rich here in a different way the govermrnt pays for all nececities for life but we gain are own money for are self. we are not that spoiled. it was great knowing some how you people live im really looking forward to how is your culture is and the histroy of tiwan.

  3. Rami Abdulsalam said

    Hello Mr. raybeast….
    First of all, I would like to thank you for your appreciation of our Islamic religion. You have come through the human justice in Islamic religion in which there is no discrimination in the human race, and you are right. In Islam all people are equal. They aren’t classified depending on their gender, richness, or family name, but they are classified depending on their ethics and their strong belief in God.
    You have asked about the homosex in Islam. I don’t think it is that weird question because you have the right to know about it. I can tell you that homosex is highly prohibited in Islamic religion, and it is considered as adultery because in Islam we have only one principle about the sexual activity which is the (marriage)in which the person is allowed to have the sexual activity only by marriage.
    For the daily life of Kuwaiti people, I want you to know that only 40 percent of people who live in kuwait are kuwaiti, and the other 60 percent aren’t local people, but they came from other countries like Egypt and Asian counties. Non-local people work hardly through out the day to earn money because it is the only reason for them being in Kuwait. Most kuwiati people are rich. Of course, they work, but they don’t spend that big time in working. Actually, they spend a big part of their time in other activities such as: shoping, sports, and going out.
    Thanks Mr. raybeast for your questions, and I am ready to answer any other questions you have about Islam. Bye Bye

  4. Duaa said

    Thank you for your appreciation in the Islamic religion and the Kuwaiti society 🙂
    Now to answer your questions:
    Homosexuality is seen as a sin in Islam and it extremely forbidden, since it is also mentioned in the Holy Quran which explains it further by stating that it is wrong for people to act and dress like the other gender. To add to that it is also considered a taboo and illegal for it to be practiced in Kuwait, but as time passes by people are starting to be more exposed to it since it is now widely practiced within the society, but that does not mean that the people within the Kuwaiti culture accept it.
    As for the Kuwaiti daily life routine, it is simple and very family oriented. People usually wake up around 6am in the morning and go to work or school until around 2 or 3pm. It usually depends on where the person is working wither it is a private or government sector will determine their working hours. When it comes to lunchtime around 1 or 2pm, which is the most important meal of the day, we gather around as a family and have our meal while having little conservation about our day. Then some take an hour nap and continue their day normally wither its running some errands, studying, catching up with friends, sports, family gatherings or the “dewaniya” what Kuwaiti males usually go to at night which is a gathering of only males where they discuss current issues in the news, play cards, or just hang out. This would be a typical day in the Kuwaiti society.
    As for Kuwait being a rich country that does not mean that people here do not have to work, some may own their own businesses but others have to earn a living.
    I hope this is helpful to expand your understanding of the Kuwaiti Culture 🙂

  5. Shalaby said

    i sincerely respect your understanding of islam. according to your first question, the proper and respected way to deal with homosexuals is that it is forbidden in islam to be one. the penalty to homosexuals is death. but here in kuwait we do not actually sentence this penalty we keep more of a distance. although the penalty may seem bad, islam is very strict on this behavior. on to ur second question, kuwwait is not really as similar to taiwan asyou may think. in kuwait people do wak up on time for work or school and when they come home, they eat whenever it is necessary so around 1 or 2pm. some people do take naps after lunch for 2 or 3 hours and others go for outtings. for the men they go to gatherings which are called “deewaniya”in arabic.its where men sit relax and talk about everything. they leave the “deewaniya” whenever they want according to whatever they have to do after the “deewaniya”. usually they stay until 1 or to am. as for studying some people study at university and others at home and some study in both places. kuwait is a rich country but they do get things done around here. thank you for reading this response and ill be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.

  6. Shalaby said

    Hello again,
    i would like to correct my statement on homosexuals. the proper and respected way islam deals with this is that they woop the individual 80-100 times with a whip and then he or she would banned from the country they are in. but then again here in kuwait, all people do is stay away or ignore the fact of that individual.

  7. Raybeast said

    Thaks for everyone who answer my question. I think I have a basic idea about Kuwait and the homosexual issue in Islam country. Homosex is a pretty common phenomenon in everywhere around the world,in Taiwan, especially in university, students won’t have a serious attitude to homosex. I think people in Taiwan also won’t take a serious attitude to homosex. On the other hand, it seems that people in Kuwait really care about the family relationship and the time for family to get together. From this point, we have a different culture from yours… and people in Kuwait have a good plan about the activities in the afternoon instead of working or studying.

  8. mohammed zuber said

    is there any sahaba grave(follower)of prophet mohammed in kuwait

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