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The place of married un-kuwaiti women in Kuwait

Posted by sydneylee on October 29, 2006

Hi, I am Sydney.After reading the Wikipedia about Kuwait, I have a question about the place of married un-Kuwaiti women in
Kuwait. A guy mentioned “
many Kuwaiti men were married to females from
Philippines.” I think that’s an interesting point. Taiwan has the same phenomenon that more and more Taiwanese men would like to marry girls from Vietnam and
Philippines than Taiwanese girls. We call them “Foreign Bride” (I don’t like this name very well). Anyway,some believe that most of these men have bad financial situations, so that they have to find wives from other countries. Others think that it is the growing of feminism which makes Taiwanese women become dominate in family and society, which makes Taiwanese men try to marry tender wives from Southeast countries. So I am curious about the reason of why Kuwaiti marry women from Philippines, and how these women are treated in

2 Responses to “The place of married un-kuwaiti women in Kuwait”

  1. abdul aziz alzahem said

    hi. i have to tell you that your information about most kuwaitee people are mariied to woman from philippines is wrong. more than 99% of kuwaitee men marry kuwaitee women. kuwaitee women are very respected in kuwait and the really have there important roll in the comunity. they are very educated and very bright. most of the kuwaitee women get maried after the age of 20 and before the age of 25. single women spend most of there time working and shopping. malls in kuwait are usually full with woman shopping its the hobby of a big portion of kuwaitee women. most kuwaitee marry from each other because of the similarittys in life styles and the better ability of understanding between the 2 sides.

  2. mexico said

    thats very selfish, they talk very good obout the womens from over there and they married them but before that happen, they alwayas look for the mexican women cause they look like them for the black hair and the latin culture. but the worst thing is that the men come from kuwait to study in america he find you and the worst thin they invol you they make the most sweet thing for you and then when you askthem about kuwait, they get like the monster . no you can put a footh there no one can go to that country except if u work for the goverment or something like that, and about married dont said that he would cut your tounge he would say are you crazy i cant marrie you my mom has already choose one special women and she is virgen just waiting for me, and what about all the time you spend whit him, and he sleep with you and thats ok but dont tell nothing about the kuwait woman because they are saints, the men for overther they just care about them self. im one of them im have almost one year with him but he is leavin now and i goin to stay alone and he dont care about that, when we start talkin about the subjet he say baby i never lie to you i always tell you i cant be with you. we always start fithing but then i get happy cause i already spend all that time with him, and i want to spend the rest happy thats only six months more. and at the end im only goin to remember him in pictures cause i can call him and nothing like that., its goin to be very good memories for me, i have alot of thing he bring me for kuwait but i dont want the material i wants his heart and i cant haved. sorry for my spelling im mexican

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