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The world of Islam

Posted by levonar on November 9, 2006

Muslim has the world-wide believers and the fastest growing rate as well, however, it has been considered as –“the religion which is easiest to be misunderstood.” The reason could be the difference between Western and Eastern Culture. Sometimes, the westerns have certain stereotype toward estern culture.They might think the easterns are mysterious, hard to unveil the secrets of life, and even consider the eastern world hasn’t well-civilized yet (both in life style, concepts toward value, the stability of politics and the degree of industrialization).

However, I think the religious idea of Islam is not so hard to understand. Most of the Islamic creeds are designed for the environmental conditions. The Five Pillars of Practice are actullay helping the Muslims live in the desert well. Therefore, if the Non-Muslims would like take a positive attitude to understand the basic meaning of Islam, the misunderstanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims could be getting less and less. It can also make the world more peaceful as well.


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