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Crazy Wikipedia Project: Economy of Taiwan

Posted by rachelhsu on November 21, 2006

When reading the article ”Economy of Taiwan” on Wikipedia, I think the way that people approach this issue is fairly optimistic. As a result, they failed to point out the economical dilemma we are facing now – whether to pour major investment in China, or we should try to expand our markets in European or other countries.

This article contains four parts, including economic development, foreign trade, agriculture and economic outlook. It mentions our transformation from labour-intensive society to high-techonology one. Moreover, it illustrates the economical importance of Taiwan in southeast Asia and our ambition to play an irreplaceable role! Here this article also mentions Taiwan’s lack of diplomatic relations which doesn’t hinder us from developing our commerce, and again the memberships of APEC, WTO, ADB indicate our determination to participate in the global economics. In the agriculture part, it merely points out that agriculture possesses a quite small part in our GDP and the impact on agriculture following after the joining of WTO. Last, this article presents some data and information about economics in Taiwan.

However, there are some aspects I think shouldn’t be neglected! In my own opinion, for foreigners who want to learn about Taiwan, they should pay attention to the following points: first, since Taiwan is now becoming a high-technology society, we should try to preserve and keep all the professional techniques, designing and organization system here (Whether Taiwanese companies realize the significance of this intellect resources while investing in China?); second, after joining WTO, agriculture in Taiwan is facing a new challenge of upgrading the value of our agricultural products (I think we do a very good job on this); third, if the lack of diplomatic relations ”really” don’t cause any hinderence on our economical development. (Taiwan had struggled to attain the membership of WTO – what if Taiwan could join earlier, we might be able to promote ourselves worldwide more effectively?!)

In the discussion part, I feel disappointed for not seeing them held up a deep and througly discussion about economy of Taiwan. Instead, they focus on whether Wikipedia should modify all the title related to Taiwan into Republic of China (which is a name few people recognize); in addition, even in the history part, despite of the data and some minor mistakes, people still focus on ”naming” most! There are modifications on People’s Republic of China into mainland China.

Since the rating of this article is only B, I hope there will be more people provide objective information and really give an insight about economy of Taiwan. (Nov. 20, 2006)


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