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Marvelous Wikipedia Project

Posted by meggie0125 on November 22, 2006

The article I choose for my Wikipedia assignment is “Taiwan under Dutch rule”. And after reading the article, I think it is a good model for presenting the history for readers. The article tries to use an object attitude to state the history of Dutch rule, and actually it achieves the goal.

The article contains some parts, it mentions about the purpose for the Dutch to occupy Taiwan, the immigrants from China during the Dutch period, the trade with other countries such as Japan, China and Persia, punitive attack performed by the Dutch on the aboriginal people and the ending of the Dutch period. Moreover, I find that the article gives detailed information about the punitive attacks. However, I still find some things that the article is lacking of. The narrator fairly states the history but he doesn’t mention directly about the influences the Dutch have had in Taiwan.

The ruling of Dutch should have three significances on the history of Taiwan. The article mentions that Taiwan became the Dutch colony after the first castle Fort Zealand and the second castle (Provintia) were built in Taiwan, and actually it is the first systematic regime in Taiwan’s history.

The second significance is the Sinckan language designed by the Dutch missionaries. The Dutch missionaries taught the Taiwanese aborigines to use romanized script. Because this kind of language was wide used in Sinckan, people would call it Sinckan Language. Taiwanese aborigines used the Sinckan language to write their own language, those written manuscripts now become an important and precious historical data for historians. Historians can study the early lives of the Taiwanese aborigines from the Sinckan manuscripts.

For the last significance, initial capitalism appeared in Taiwan during the ruling period of the Dutch. Originally, Taiwan is a tribal society, commerce with other countries is not common. but since the Dutch occupied Taiwan, the commerce with other countries became frequently. The Dutch were not only made big amount of profits by exporting the deer to Japan and China, but also exporting the rice and sugarcane to other countries. The initial capitalism thus appeared in this time.

People are not highly involved in the discussion part. As for the history part, most of the contexts of the article were remained until now; people seem to be concentrated on the part of the ending of the Dutch rule because it changed and modified by many times. In the initial version, the article doesn’t point that Koxinga is a pirate. It simply claims, “In 1661, a naval fleet led by the Ming loyalist Zheng Chenggong (Cheng Ch’eng-kung in Wade-Giles, known in the West as Koxinga), arrived in Taiwan to oust the Dutch from Zeelandia.” I think it would make the readers misunderstand Koxinga’s identity. The last part of the article provides a list of the Dutch governors, but I don’t think readers would pay much attention on that part. In my opinion, readers should know the truth and the significances within the history as well. (Nov.22, 2006)

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