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Culture of Taiwan

Posted by tottietsai on November 24, 2006

I choose the article “Culture of Taiwan” for my Wikipedia project. I think this article indeed written some important aspects to decribe how Taiwan is like. In fact, I think this article can also be improved because in recent years Taiwan has generated some new cultrual features, such as cash card using, stalkerazzi or beef noodles.

After reading this article, I am agree with this article that “One of Taiwan’s greatest attractions is the National Palace Museum,” I think if the foreigners come to Taiwan, I will be very proud to introduce them this museum that represents the significance of the history of Taiwan. Then, This article contains 10 parts of some Taiwanese cultrual features. I will going to mention some of important parts. First, convenience stores really play a important role in Taiwan since Taiwan has become a commercialized country. Especailly for office workers and students, convience store can provide almost any daily things that they need. So, it is not unusaul for a person to go to convenience stores every day. Next, the cram school indeed is a growing industry in Taiwan. Because of the influence of Confucian, parents in Taiwan think that only studying is the one best thing. Also, parents in Taiwan think that they do not want their children lose in the beginning so they keep sending their children to cram school in order to get a higer schooling education. Then, for the Pili puppet show culture, which is Taiwanese important traditional culture. In fact, to see the Pili puppet in nowdays, I think the Pili puppet really has improved because it has put some new elements in it. For example, the Pili puppet nowdays would speak English, sing some popular songs, use teenagers’ slangs. The Pili puppet has make a combination between traditional and modern trend. And, when tallking to the food of Taiwan, I think this article can add more information about it. Beside Bubble tea, in Taiwan there are also some popular food. For example, beef noodles, Stinky tofu(臭豆腐), Fried white radish patty(蘿蔔糕), and also Betel nut(檳榔). The last part I want to mention is recreation. Karaoke is the most popular recreation nowadays for not only teenagers but also adults, and it is the way people release their stress. I think this article can add some compare in this article. Although Taiwan and Japan has Karaoke culture, these two countries has many difference on it because the different personality of each country people.

In fact, I think this article has pointed some important features of Taiwan and give enough description. However, I still think that there are something should be added. Like religion, I think it should add more information about it because as we can see foreigners are very curious about Taiwanese religion. Such as Taiwanese Buddhism, because in Taiwan, Buddhism is different from other countries’; it is conbine with Taoism and Taiwanese folk religion. Also, for the food part, it should add other food because Taiwan not only has Bubble tea popular. Overall, I think this article about the culture of Taiwan should be renewed because in recent years there indeed have many new things becomes trend in Taiwan.

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