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Cinema of Taiwan

Posted by raybeast on November 27, 2006

   Due to the “Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards” which closing two days ago in Taipei, I think it is a good idea to look closer to Taiwan’s films.  From the articles in Wikipedia, they provide very organized ideas of the history of cinema in Taiwan. From different period to different period, films in Taiwan become stonger and stronger.

   At beginning of this section in Wikipedia, the editor indicates that “From 1901 to 1937, Taiwanese cinema was strongly influenced by the Japanese”. During the Japanese colonial era, many customs in Japanese movies were learned by Tawinanese filmmakers. It does suprise me that I don’t know the history of cinema in Taiwan was begin at such early time. Second, Tawianese movies were challenged by Hong Kong movies in 1980s. Under such a difficult circumstance, in order to compete with Hong Kong movies, filmmakers began to support young directors. Such as Edward Yang(楊德昌)…etc. The films in this period were known for their realistic, down-to-earth and portrayals of Tawianese life. Compare with the kong-Fu movies in earlier decades, films in this period began to care about Taiwan. Third, the great fundation of supporting the young directors in 1980s receives the glorious gifts. Many notable directors and actors are shining on the stage of the world, such as Ang Lee, Tsai Ming-Liang..etc.

   In fact, I think films in Taiwan are still influenced by Japan and Hong Kong or even America. However, films in Taiwan have their unique style and techniques which are different than other films in other countries. For example, the movie” Double Visions” (雙瞳) which is about the Taoism leading one girl committed crimes. Moreover, “Silk” (詭絲), the backgroung of the story is taken place in Taiwan. I think editor could talk more about the unique styles in Taiwanese movies. On the other hand, I think filmmakers in asian countries are beginning to cooperate with each other. To compete with mainstream movies form Hollywood, movies in Asia would be a great power.


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