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Media in Taiwan

Posted by kyleepai on November 29, 2006

The article that I choose is “Media in Taiwan”, which mentions Taiwan’s cable television, radio, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and internet. Just like what the article says, “The media in Taiwan is one of the freest and most competitive in Asia”, and media in Taiwan is really various and the media also presents Taiwan’s multiculture.

To begin with, the article talks about “cable television”. It point outs, “Programming is mostly in Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese, with some Japanese and English channels.” There are also “a dedicated station for Taiwan’s Hakka minority” and an aboriginal channel. The original language with traditional Chinese subtitles are used in most of the programs. Then, it gives a list of the cable television. From the list, we can see many different kinds of channels in Taiwan, about News, politics, talk shows, variety, drama, food, shopping, sports, English movies, Japanese programs, Christian, Buddhist, stocks, animals, children’s programming…and so on. It tells that ROC government is pushing to have digital television services so that the number of the channels will be increased.

In addition, it also talks about the radio in Taiwan; there are many stations which contains talk show, popular music and classical music across AM and FM. For example, Kiss Radio and Hit FM both play Chinese popular music. ICRT is the only station in English in Taiwan. What’s more, it gives some names of newspapers in Taiwan, like Apple Daily. There are also three English newspapers in Taiwan- China Post, Taipei Times, and Taiwan News. However, the content of “magazines and periodicals” is a stub.

Apart from that, it mentions a popular feature now in Taiwan. That is “internet cafes (Chinese: 網咖, Pinyin: wǎngkā), which are often 24-hour and sell a variety of food and drink so that the mainly teenage online gamers who inhabit them do not have to stray too far from their monitors.” “.tw” is used by Taiwan’s websites to present they comes from Taiwan. The last, it provides some available online resources about Taiwan in English.

It is a pity that in both “history” page and “discussion” page, people only discussed about the name of our country- ROC or Taiwan. Overall, I think the article make people know more about media in Taiwan is multiple in many ways, but it still has some places that needs to be improved. For instance, the list in every part- in cable television, radio, newspapers… is incomplete. I can think of a new channel for shopping-MOMO but it is not on the list. Next, as I know, our government has already provided the digital television service. Nevertheless, for others, they can at least have a basic idea about the variety of cable television, radio, newspaper and internet in Taiwan after reading this article. (2006/11/29)

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