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Wikipedia Project: Education in the Republic of China

Posted by theresewu on November 29, 2006

I choose the article “Education in the Republic of China” which contains public, primary, secondary, higher, and also private education. First, it mentioned “national exams”, “discipline” and “corporal punishment” in public education. It means that students have to wear uniform and required to clean classrooms everyday and as for the corporal punishment, parents would allow teachers to punish their children since they give the teachers the authority to direct and teach their children. Also the brief introductions from primary to higher education are involved, such as subjects and the time of going to school. Then, Scoring high on national entrance exam is pointed out as the primary goal of every junior and senior high students, which is the pressure of them. Third, it introduced higher education, which includes university, medical school, law school, and technical institutes such as five-year, two-year junior colleges; four-year and two-year institutes. Then, it mentioned some highly regarded universities in Taiwan and finally the private education which includes the cram school and kindergartens, which pointed out the doubt of bilingual education in kindergartens.

I checked the “history” tab; the article has been changed about the grammar and a few changes of wording.

I saw a discussion and the title is “dispute about success of education system”, and in fact it just linked to the article, which shows the brief introduction of China.

I think the author focus on education in Taiwan. Therefore, I think the dispute here is that since Taiwanese children have huge study pressure and it leads to the suicide of students. However, about the title of this discussion, I do not think our education is successful since I hate the drill teaching.

After reading this article, I think foreign people would wonder why Taiwanese need to go to cram school and think that maybe the education in school is not so good and there must be something wrong of this educational system such as the ways of teaching. Besides, about the “corporal punishment”, they may think it amazing that Taiwanese parents would allow teachers to punish their children. Before ten years ago, I think parents all allow the “corporal punishment” and be very happy that teachers help to direct their children. However, nowadays I think that it is not true for all the parents since Taiwanese couples bear only one or two children so they would protect their children from any hurt. Also it does not mention the problems of education in Taiwan and just simply introduce the form and system of education in Taiwan briefly. Besides, I think that the teaching of math and science in Taiwan is successful and it can show the reason of the success. My advice for those people who want to know Taiwan education more is that they can read some information about Confucianism since it influences us deeply and it can refer to our thinking toward education, such as getting high educational background for good jobs and also the high social status. (Nov. 29, 06)


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