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My self-interpretation on Religion in Taiwan from Wikipedia

Posted by levonar on November 30, 2006

Religion has been a very complicated issue in Taiwan. It is not only the consolation to Taiwanese, but also a moral standard to us. People are usually identified by their religious groups. This phenomenon is very common in the country sides. Taiwanese often unite the self-community by religious power or identity. The current main-stream religions in Taiwan are Buddhism and Taoism. To be more specific, I think the religion here, especially Buddhism, it is more like a combination of Buddhism and Taoism.
Because the ethnic groups in Taiwan mostly come from the southern mainland, they bring their religious mixture from their homeland. The middle and northern mainland is influenced by the Buddhism from India. The south part creates own Chinese religion, which is Taoism. As time passing by, both Buddhism and Taoism recreate a new type of “Buddhism” and “Taoism.” The new religious type is the combination of Buddhism and Taoism. Taiwan ancestors bring this religious branch into Taiwan. Thus, we have the current religious situation here.

However, in Wikipedia, it does not mention about the religious branches, and the specific religious mixture in Taiwan. Furthermore, it makes a comparison of the min there religions in Taiwan and United States. To me, I do not agree that Confucianism is part of religious idea, even our icc textbook categorize it into religious part. Probably, it comes from the misunderstanding between the Westerns and Easterns.

Moreover, I suggest that Wikipedia could provide further discussion about other religions in Taiwan, such as Christianity, Mormon, and Catholic. It is better that Wikipedia makes a comparison of the three main American religious influences. It could provide the reader a clearer macro point of view to know the deeper part of Taiwanese religions.

2 Responses to “My self-interpretation on Religion in Taiwan from Wikipedia”

  1. Lev, Catholics are Christians. Christianity is divided into three great branches, Orthodox (eastern Christianity), Catholicism, and Protestantism.

    Good essay! Keep up the good work!


  2. thuicc said

    Levonar, I can’t see where the Wikipedia article on religion in Taiwan says that Christianity is an American influence on Taiwan.

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