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The Golden Horse Award in Taiwan

Posted by doris0724 on November 30, 2006

The movie industry has developed in Taiwan for many years, and no matter what the directors or cinemas we all have some achievements in the world. Since we get a lot of good movies every year, it is reasonable that we have the festival “The Golden Horse Award”

The Golden Horse Award was created and sponsored by Taiwan itself, and we have had long history about this festival in Taiwan for forty-three years. The 43rd Golden Horse Award ceremony was held last Saturday, and it got a happy ending. Besides, Taiwan also has The Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards (金馬影展) before the ceremony every year. The goal of The Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards is try to attract much more people who have great passion on movie know more about the Golden Horse Award.

Why the famous award named Golden Horse (金馬)? The name comes from the island Quemoy (金門) and Matsu (馬祖). The name is meaningful to commemorate the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis.

Furthermore, what kind of movies that can attend to The Golden Horse? Basically, it is must be a film that talks in Chinese language(華語), but it doesn’t have to be the Mandarin Chinese. Therefore, according to this rule, the film mainly in Cantonese, Taiwanese, Shanghainese and so on all have the chance to attend this competition.

Some people may doubt about whether is the Golden Horse really a fair competition or not. It is clear to see there is no way that the Golden Horse never has injustice judgment. For instance, Taiwan doesn’t have good relationship with Mainland China for many years, but we never ignore the right of the films or the actors from Mainland China. If there were a wonderful film or actor, we still would confirm their achievement in this award. The article from Wikipedia gives us a good example, it says “Since 1996, a liberalization act allows for an artiste or film from the People’s Republic of China to be eligible for the Awards, as in Best Actor Xia Yu (夏雨) (1996) and Best Actress Qin Hailu (秦海璐) (2001).” Like the Best Actor Xia Yu (夏雨) in1996 and the Best Actress Qin Hailu (秦海璐) in 2001, and they are both from Mainland China, but they are still ride the golden horse successfully.

Via the Wikipedia, I think I get a lot of information that I want to find. It gives me a detail description about the Golden Horse. However, I think the history discussion could be much more to talk about. For instance, we can compare the Golden Horse with Asia-Pacific Film Festival (亞太影展). Since they are both festival about film in Asia, I think we can get a lot of information if we do the compare and contrast. Besides, I think it is also a good idea that talks about the development of Taiwan’s culture of movie, because movie industry in Taiwan has developed for many years. I think it will be interesting if we can talk about the changes of Taiwan’s films.

I think movies in Taiwan are important that they can always reflect on a lot of things, such as the background at that time of society. Via those movies and films, we can know more about something happen in different time cause different influence. Like the movie “A City of Sadness”(悲情城市), it reflects on the background and life at that time in Taiwan. Gradually, the movie industry has formed a culture. Therefore, that’s why the Golden Horse Award should be exist, because it can encourage the creativity of movies, also via this famous award, we can let the world know more about our culture. I think this is the main reason that the Golden Horse exists, because culture is really important for a country and the Golden Horse has the responsibility to keep promoting our culture.


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