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Taiwanese Operas

Posted by aronyeh on December 7, 2006

The topic that I am going to talk about is “Taiwanese opera.” As everyone has known, Taiwanese opera had been very popular in last generation for such a long time. And most of people at that time might have stirring of emotions about Taiwanese operas, especially people who were from countryside.

After reading the article in Wikipedia, I was surprised and found that Taiwanese opera had originated from Taiwan. And the language that actors and actresses used in Taiwanese operas is native Taiwanese. Step by step, Taiwanese operas had been a common currency in Min Nan-speaking areas. Also, basically speaking, the stories were usually related to mythic legend. In Taiwanese operas, men would always play female roles. On the contrary, women would always play male roles. The article mentioned that this kind of way of “cross-dressed performers” was happened very often in most Chinese operas. In addition, people played some traditional Chinese instruments in Taiwanese operas, such as suona horns (嗩吶) and 南胡. The places where they always acted were in front of the temples, because temples were the only places that people would get together.

In this article, we might say 楊麗花 was the ancestor of Taiwanese opera. She started to act in operas in the early 1980s. Because of her, Taiwanese opera had been a hot trend in our society. Just like in rural village, after those moiling works, watching operas would be a really pleasant entertainment for those farmers.

In recent years, Taiwanese opera have changed a lot. For example, some modern western instruments have been used in these Taiwanese operas, like saxophones and guitars. Besides, aboriginal characters and stories would sometimes show up in operas. And they indeed influences so called “Hakka tea-picking opera.”

Nowadays, Taiwanese opera had ever performed in Europe. It means that Taiwanese opera is not a kind of native culture any more. It has become an international culture. Also, it would make people in the world know more about the beauty of Taiwan culture.

By the way, the history of the article has not been changed a lot. There is no big different in them.

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