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Shakespeare in the Bush

Posted by thuicc on May 24, 2006

Some of the previous ICC students have read Laura Bohannon’s article “Shakespeare in the Bush”, about an anthropologist’s failed attempts to tell some African tribesmen the story of Hamlet. The Savage Minds anthropology blog has some commentary on that article and a link to an online version of it. Check it out!

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Definitions of ethnography

Posted by thuicc on September 29, 2005

For Tracy–and anyone else interested–here are some definitions of ethnography:

Hope these definitions help!

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Stereotypes about American and Asian Cultures

Posted by thuicc on August 24, 2005

Michael Turton has a good post on his blog, responding to a Taipei Times article about differences in how Euro-Americans and Chinese “process visual data differently”. He exposes some of the dangers of jumping to conclusions about cultures based on a particular kind of study. We’ll read this in class at some point, so check it out!

Update: There’s also a discussion about this article on Savage Minds, an anthropology blog.

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