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Lots of tidbits of advice on doing business in other cultures

Posted by thuicc on September 26, 2006

Here is some advice from various folks on “How not to be the ‘ugly American'” (or ugly anyone else, perhaps?) when doing business in other cultures. (It’ll open in another window.)

These bits of advice can be helpful, but as one commenter, Miguel, writes, “One must be careful with these tidbits as they can easily transmogrify, as Calvin would say, into STEREOTYPES. Respect is #1. After that, one simply must be observant and careful until one feels more at ease with their knowledge of local customs.”

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A business website’s view of cross-cultural differences

Posted by thuicc on August 29, 2005

This page, from a business website, summarizes some differences between Chinese and Americans. What do you think about this list–both its content and the way in which it’s presented? We’ll discuss these issues in class this semester.

It might also be useful to take a look at the site from which this page comes: Managing Cross-Cultural Differences, to see what assumptions the authors have about culture and communication.

(link via the Musing under the Tenement Palm blog)

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Coke and Pepsi ads in China

Posted by thuicc on July 6, 2005

Interesting entry here about a S.H.E. Coke ad in China. The article reads (in part):

The S.H.E. ad is aparently meant to be inspirational, fitting with Coke’s slogan, “For satisfaction, look to yourself.” The group faces an unscrupulous music executive who wants them to dress more revealingly in order to sell more records. They refuse, and when the exec reacts angrily, the girls take a sip of Coke, which launches them into the World of Warcraft universe. They proceed to teach the guy a lesson while wearing the chaste costumes female video game characters are well-known for.Fantasy battles are quite common on the Chinese front of the Cola Wars. Pepsi’s campaign last year featured their entire line-up of young stars slinging magic missiles around in an immense amphitheater. The most recent Pepsi spot, which introduces new recruit Nicholas Tse (see Danwei’s previous post on the subject), is a frenzy of icy CGI wings and projectiles. Coke’s ads are red where Pepsi’s are blue, but there’s not much else to distinguish between the two.

Remind me of this article. We’ll probably do some work on intercultural and international advertising in the fall, if folks are interested.

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