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Exchange with our partners in Kuwait

Posted by thuicc on November 4, 2006

If you haven’t gone there yet, be sure to visit our Kuwaiti partners’ class website and respond to their questions about Taiwan.

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Questions about the Music and dance of Kuwait

Posted by theresewu on November 2, 2006

HELLO everyone~
This is Teresa. I’ve read some articles about the culture of Kuwait and I find the traditional music of Kuwait is interesting such as the Al-Fann, Al-Fareesa and Al Arda Al Bahariya and I have some questions about them.

I know that the Al-Fann is a kind of wedding song and also the Al-Khamary and Al-Sameri are both the wedding dance. Does that mean that those wedding dance and music are necessary performed on the wedding ceremony or nowadays they are just performed as a kind of traditional dance and music?

Also about the Al-Fareesa, I know that it’s a dance which women need to be disguised as men and it’s a battle between a horseman and 2 attackers which is quite special and i wanna know if there is an interesting reason/ cause of this special dance?

At last, since Taiwanese young people who like to dance mostly would prefer dancing New Jazz and Hip-Hop (ex. girls mostly prefer New Jazz and boys prefer hip-hop), i curious about that what kind of dance do the young people of Kuwait mostly prefer dancing?

I’ll be very happy to get your responses! ^-^

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Do Hajjis have Racial Discrimination?

Posted by kyleepai on October 30, 2006

Hello, I’ve watched the film of Hajj and seen some discussions between my classmates and partners from
Kuwait. I found that some people’s questions are just like mine, and just like my classmates, I am also very impressed and amazed about Hajj and Hajjis. The film shows that how belief directly influence people’s actions and minds; I felt very moved when the Muslims melt into tears because they finally came to
Mecca. The process of the
pilgrimage Muslims take to the holy city of
Mecca is full of difficulty
, but Muslims can overcome it. So, I think that their painstaking to attain their goal in life is praiseworthy and I admire their firm and persistent determinations. I remember that a forty-year-old man said that Muhammad can do it when sixty and he can do so. However, I still feel confused somehow. My question is just like what Rachel mentioned.

In the video, there is a black man who receives unfair treatment when resting at the tent during the pilgrimage. I am wondering if this violates God’s wish of every man is equal? Besides, there is an American woman who joins Hajj as well. She says she still gets people’s doubts of her being Muslim.

Why couldn’t the black stay in the same tent with the other people? To quote in the film, ““God doesn’t look a face. God doesn’t look a body…God is looking for what? Your heart! ” I think a faithful heart is more than everything, but I don’t know if Muslims think so. Do they have racial discriminations? Although in the end of the film the black and the American woman are glad that God accept them, I still want to know why they have some unjust treatment during the pilgrimage. What I am wondering is that why God can accept them but the other Muslims can’t; it really confuses me.

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Questions about Islam and Kuwait

Posted by raybeast on October 29, 2006

Hello everyone~~ I have watched the film about Haj and read some discussions about Kuwait in the Wikipedia. First of all, I can deeply feel that how important the Haj is to islamites. I really do appreciate the religious principles of Islam which is about “no discrimination between human race, no matter you are poor or rich,”however I still wondering about how do islamites think about homosex? I know it is a weird question, but can someone answer me? Secondly, I’d like to know what are peoples’ daily life in Kuwait? I mean do people in Kuwait live like Taiwan? In Taiwan, we usually get up at nine or ten and go to school and office then we have lunch at about eleven or twelve(maybe one hour for taking a nap) then at about five or six we go home. This is a basic daily life in Taiwan which means we spend about eight or nine hours on studying or working. How about people in Kuwait? I want to ask this question is because Kuwait is a rich country, maybe people in Kuwait can spend less time on working. Ha…

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The place of married un-kuwaiti women in Kuwait

Posted by sydneylee on October 29, 2006

Hi, I am Sydney.After reading the Wikipedia about Kuwait, I have a question about the place of married un-Kuwaiti women in
Kuwait. A guy mentioned “
many Kuwaiti men were married to females from
Philippines.” I think that’s an interesting point. Taiwan has the same phenomenon that more and more Taiwanese men would like to marry girls from Vietnam and
Philippines than Taiwanese girls. We call them “Foreign Bride” (I don’t like this name very well). Anyway,some believe that most of these men have bad financial situations, so that they have to find wives from other countries. Others think that it is the growing of feminism which makes Taiwanese women become dominate in family and society, which makes Taiwanese men try to marry tender wives from Southeast countries. So I am curious about the reason of why Kuwaiti marry women from Philippines, and how these women are treated in

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