Intercultural Communication

Course Website for Tunghai FLLD Seminar

Course Schedule

This schedule is subject to change…

Sept. 21–Intro. to course (HW: Read ch. 1)

Sept. 28–Discuss ch. 1 (HW: Read ch.2, pp. 28-50)

Oct. 5–Discuss ch. 2, part 1 (HW: Read ch. 2, pp. 50-79)

Oct. 12–Discuss ch. 2, part 2 (HW: Read ch. 3, pp. 81-113)

Oct. 19–Introduction to WebQuest/Wikipedia assignment; discuss ch. 3, part 1 (HW: Begin work on WebQuest/Wikipedia assignment)

Oct. 26–Work in the computer lab/continue discussion of ch. 3, part 1 (HW: Blog your thoughts/understsandings/questions about Kuwait and Islam before Oct. 29)

Nov. 2–No class.

Nov. 9–Finish discussion of ch. 3 (HW: read ch. 4, pp. 138-164 for Nov. 23–you can skim the sections on Language Diversity in the U.S. and Alternative Languages)

Nov. 16–Midterms–no class.

Nov. 23–Discuss ch. 4 (HW: Read handout for 11/30; read ch. 5, pp. 166-199 for 12/7)

Nov. 30–Discuss handout (HW: Read ch. 5; begin work on final project and online exchange report)

Dec. 7–Discuss ch. 5

Dec. 14–Discussion of Tannen article I
Dec. 21–Discussion of Tannen article II (HW: Read ch. 9)

Dec. 28–Discussion of ch. 9 (HW: Read ch. 10)

Jan. 4–Dicussion of ch. 10

Jan. 11–Wrap-up

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